Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Seed

"Go to meditation.  In this process, one must direct all of his "first fruits" - that is, his forces or energies - to the Power with which he is conscious.  What is the "first fruit" anyone is conscious of?  It is the energy which is used in generation:  it is this energy which is offered.  That is what I call meditation.  And anything short of that I will not call meditation.  If, in oneself, he wants to complete the circuit, he must first make this offering.  I do not want to hold on to my objective self-conscious state and expect something to come to me.  I have to give myself first.  The seed is cast into the earth.  Unless it dies it produces no fruit.  "He who gives up his life for my sake shall find it."  The who point hinges on the surrender, giving up, offering in genuineness, in sincerity - almost in desperation - offering it all.  The conscious direction of generative energy and surrender of it is the positive attitude, as it requires sustained effort and will and is, therefore, not a supine relaxation.  In this directive way we say:  Release, renounce, let go.  Offer your force, offer your energy, give it up, surrender, let the energies or forces leap to the positive pole.  And...bang! The circuit is completed, the fire descends-the, Light."

Prior to this section of text, Vitvan used a rain cloud as an example or metaphor.  The cloud represents the positive pole.  There is negative energy stirring about the ground below the cloud and it moves along with the cloud and this goes on until a connection can be effected.  Bang!  The negative energy makes its offering and a circuit is created and you have what we label lightning.

The seed is probably my favorite allegorical symbol or metaphor.  What comes to mind is the concept of positive, negative, positive or alpha, omega, alpha.  In one word, a CYCLE.  The Power lowers itself or dies to itself on a 'lower level' so that it can go through a cycle and gain knowledge of Itself.  So on each subsequent or lower level, to exist on that level, it inherently had to die on the next highest level.  The catch is that it is guided by that "dead" higher level.  So if we look at reality as it is in truth, there are no levels, there is no separation.  The Power that supposedly died to Itself, still remains in Its same state only behind a curtain.  Like the Wizard of Oz it directs the play.  On these so called "lower levels" it has taken a lower state and so we could call it as Vitvan does, "the power to be conscious".  So we stay cognizant that this power to be conscious is attached to the Power and is in fact the Power in reality, yet it is now only in a potential state.  It now has the possibility to be conscious of itself.

Once it has died to itself, or planted the seed, it has now entered into a cycle.  It must 'lower' itself 'down' successive states of consciousness until it can focus itself in individual state.  It goes from knowing itself as the Father to becoming the Son.  The Son represents half the cycle, it represents complete potentiality being loaded into the consciousness.  'I am the way, the truth and the life.  None come to the Father except by way of the Son'.  We read this paraphrase from the bible and think about an objective person named Jesus, but to the masters it represented so much more.  To me this says that one must first individualize or load all potentiality into the seed that has been unconsciously created by the power to be conscious (going through the descending arc).  To begin the ascension back to the Father, one must make the full descension.  You can't go part of the way down and turn around.  The cycle must complete a full revolution.  Note:  One could seemingly devolve, but that would in my opinion result in oblivion.  One would return to the Father but yet have no self-knowledge.  And in fact, this is what occultists will tell you happens to races.  They reach a certain height of expression and then slowly fade away.  But then that relates to form or mother substance and we are looking at it from the standpoint of the Power or 'Spirit'.

So man is only a means to an end.  Man is not the completion by any stretch of our imagination.  But one thing I am trying to be more conscious of is that each moment is an end in itself.  If we acknowledge that time does not exist in reality, then where is the end?  If there is only eternity or the absence of time, then where are we going?  But going further we must acknowledge that we are not at that point in the development of the power to be conscious and that these are only abstractions.  We have to do the work.  And it seems that the work can be done by staying focused in the moment.  But if we are able to conceptualize and see that man is only a state between the animal and "the gods" then we can buckle down and have an idea of where we are going.  See the paradox never goes away.  There is a goal to attain, we have some level we want to reach but that level is not outside of ourselves.  It is always there and always has been.  Only the veil need be pulled back.  But it isn't an objective veil and simply having an idea of the future work to be done is no sure thing.

If we acknowledge that we must die to our current state and let go of the qualities that represent our psyche, then that seems like a good start.  The personal will can only take us so far.  We can build up that psyche or ego, but at a certain point, when it is time to ascend it becomes our nemesis.  So we must plant the psyche in the ground, plant all of our human values down into the darkness and have faith that this higher Power is guiding us.  That in fact this Power is who we are in essence and that the psyche is only an extension of the Power.  'Thy will be done, not mine'.  We can be grateful for the pysche in having brought to more conscious awareness of this reality, but if we are to fulfill the state in which we are conscious or complete the cycle, then we must let go of this level.

We find ourselves now in our current state on the threshold of the beautific states it seems.  Where in the past aeons the power to be conscious has continuously died to the higher levels and sank further down into unconsciousness as it built up the potentiality.  Now we are at the lowest point possible we could reach in the scheme of evolution or self-development.  We must now again identify with the higher state.  The Mind level is the throne that we seek.  We have the opportunity to rise up and identify the power with which we are conscious with, with the higher level that has been directing us.  And this is only a small step in the grand scheme that we find ourselves woven within.  Vitvan says that the Mind level is the lowest level in Light's regions.  It is all so vast that there is no point in contemplating it or abstracting any higher.  For me, I want to know where the next step is and the best possible means to achieve that state.  So according to Vitvan, the Mind level is our next home.  That is our boon for fulfilling this current state.  So right now if we are diligent and concerned with functional ability then it would be in our best interest to get control of the psyche, become conscious of all the wave-frequencies that we are now conscious of or need to be conscious of to take the forward step. 

The bible says that, 'none go to the Father except by way of the Son'.  Well in my opinion a good analogy in relation to this passage, is that none reach the next wave of the cycle except by fulfilling the current.  None go through to the Mind except by way of the psyche.  All unconsciousness must be brought to the light.  This means that we must be aware of all wave-frequencies that the psyche registers.  At this point there is no unconsciousness.  Being aware of all of our motivations, all that we register, we can now control our situations it would seem.  Unconsciousness is only relative to the objective level.  When one enters the psychic world then there would cease being an unconscious. 

When trying to make this functional, my question is when is it time to 'die'?  Vitvan tells us that the ego must be built up.  You must have something to give at the altar.  Eckhart Tolle mentions nothing about building up an ego.  He simply tells you to let go of your thoughts and be in the now, experience the bliss.  I guess one way of looking at is that experiencing life in the now builds the ego.  Both of their teachings correlate in the sense that they both tell us to experience the here-now.  There is no past or future, only the present moment.  And this is a practical teaching, it isn't something to simply mentalize about.  Vitvan would tell you to just keep winning small battles, this will build the ego sense.  The irony is that when one has lost the battles over and over again and has lost that confidence and sense of I am I, it is easier to die or at least the desire is greater.  And when everything is at 9's and 10's that ego sense puffs up and subtly one wants to attribute at least some of it to himself usually it would seem.  So I guess this is why the process is so perfect.  There is no cheating it.