Monday, October 26, 2009


The big question that forever seems to go unanswered in today’s world is, is there a purpose to life? You will hear people complain about how miserable life is, there is no meaning to it. They will say that there is no God and if there is, He is one sadistic asshole.

Why do I have to slave away at my 9-5 year after year to make my money to see it bled away by a bunch of crooked banksters they will ask? Why do I put all of my time and energy into raising my kids only to have them give me nothing but headaches in return? Why does all of my food and water have poisonous chemicals in it? Why are gas prices so high? Why do my taxes increase every year and yet I see nothing in return?

When can I just have my little paradise and relax? When is my reward for all of my hard work going to come they want to know? I just want to get away and have my little slice of happiness before I die.

I deserve it.  Life isn’t fair.

You see this type of mindset takes all responsibility away from the person. We want happiness and wealth but we aren’t willing to take responsibility for it. If you’re going to take responsibility for your success, you also have to take responsibility for your failures. There are two sides to every story and without the complete picture being taken into account, wholeness can never be achieved. With responsibility comes power. But when you blame others you give them the power that is within you.

What I am here to say is that if you only take responsibility for yourself and all your actions, it seems one could become God of his own reality.

Now how does one go about practically attaining personal responsibility? For it is easier said than done.

This is done through the raising of one’s consciousness, or in other words, becoming aware of one’s Self. This takes a concerted, constant effort. One must put in the time and work. One must learn to know who he truly is and what he is here to do. One must listen to that inner voice. He must face his fears and look at the other side that has been shunned for all of his life. The light does not lie within the light. It lies within the dark, it lies with the dark chasms of one's soul that he dare not venture into. All of the things that we have repressed that we do not like about ourselves, all of the terrible experiences, must be brought from the dark into the light. Through doing this work one will notice that his energy level rises and he will begin to feel light and free. He will see himself becoming a different person.

We must reclaim our essence that we left behind long ago. Become like the carefree child we once were before the stain of the world engulfed us. This is who we truly are.

It is my opinion that the purpose of life is to return to the state of rest that we sprung from once we were born into this world. We must become the stillness that is the fulcrum of our being. Integrate both halves and become one. Merge the dual into the absolute. Become ONE with yourself and you become ONE with the entire universe.
I want to acknowledge and thank my teachers who have helped me to build up my mind and help me grow on my journey towards more balance with nature.

One of my main teachers has been Max Heindel.  I had downloaded a lot of books with occult in the title sometime last year.  As I started changing my life around reading djhives and watching Nemesis videos I started to read some of the occult books I downloaded.  I remember reading Occult Principles of Health and Healing by Max Heindel and being left in awe.  After that moment I had to know everything.  Where djhives took more of an evil approach more to teach lessons and to see where people were at, Max Heidel was a mystical Christian.  He was a mystic and a occultist.  He was going deep into the spiritual worlds tieing it to the material world.  He used logic while relating his experiences in the spiritual worlds that cannot be physically proven.  He as did djhives related his teaching to nature.  He showed the cycles that lay inherent within everything.  He was a true teacher.

Manly P. Hall has been instrumental in my transformation.  I don't even know how to describe him.  I love listening to his lectures.  He isn't as specific and detailed as Max Heindel but he just gives great general overviews of subjects with great quotes filled throughout.  He understood how the world worked on all levels, a true illuminate.  Vernon Howard has meant so much to me as well.  His practical mystical teachings gave me great insight when I wasn't so sure of myself.  He gave me practical mind exercises that I should practice in my daily work which were invaluable.  Walter Russell has taken to even higher levels.  He was probably the most illuminated person of the 20th century and possibly of the past 1000 years.  He was a conduit for God and I can only hope one to completely comprehend the breadth of his teachings.  Other teachers have been Aldous Huxley, Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson, PD Ouspensky, CG Jung, Erich Fromm, Thoreau, Emerson, Joseph Campbell, and Enoch Tan and many others on varying scales.  All of these great people have helped me become who I am and they remain with me as grow my seed.


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