Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Natural Order Process Volume One, Lesson 24

This is an incredible lesson with rich, invaluable teachings.  I wish I could write it out or paste the text here or even write a good synopsis here, but I am not able to at the moment.  I am mainly writing this to remind myself to recall and meditate upon the concepts discussed in this lesson.

The lesson explains the severe semantic blockage that has been created in our society due to additive processing versus non additive.  In other words valuing quantity over quality.  It seems that the majority of us only care about collecting more and more possesions and as much money as we can acculmulate.  This is the determining factor in qualifying one's "success" in the race psyche.  So you see it today when someone loses the house, he falls into a deep depression and sometimes kills himself and maybe his family.  He has identified "himself" with the house and the image of having a "perfect life."  When he loses his house he loses a piece of himself.  A piece of him has been subtracted and he is not able to adjust to the new composite him.  This brings about many neuroses and then comes the effects manifesting into his fallen objective world.

The non-additive way to approach things is to look at it like this:  When you have a group, you have a group consciousness, everyone is oriented to a certain frequency made up of the whole group's combined frequencies.  When another person enters the room is just one added to the group?  No, the whole dynamic or the group frequency is completely altered.

So we see when we have life experiences many times these alter the whole dynamic of who we are.  But people stuck in the additive process have these life altering experiences like losing a house or job but cannot scale back the way they live.  They are too identified with the level they were previously on.

Look at Walter Russell's teachings.  I think to a person with common sense it is obvious that the man was one of the highest illuminates to exist on this earth.  He discovered elements not yet known about before the modern periodic table was developed and then never got credit for his scientific discoveries.  He was WAY ahead of his time (relative to the race).  The scientists of our day could not simply add on his findings to the already established principles.  His discoveries were so drastically different that the whole order would have to be overthrown to implement the knowledge he provided.  He could prove that Einstein's theory of relativity was only half correct because Einstein was observing effects while Russell was tapping into "the Mind of God" and was able to KNOW the TRUTH of the cosmic order.  But Russell wasn't a scientist who discovered or was given all of this so he had to be a quack in the minds of world leaders and established scientists.  The monkey must let go of the lower branch to swing to the higher branch.  Or to steal another of Vitvan's sayings, the old wine bottle must be emptied and cleaned before we can fill it with the new wine.

So to put it in the perspective of you and I.  We are not who we were 10 years ago much less 1 year ago.  We can either be the additive person who holds onto all of these identifications or we can be the blank canvas and start the coming day fresh ready to build a new composite house, make it a home not just a house.  Can we give up our personality to ascend to the next level in the natural order process?

I was just thinking to myself how sick we all are with how we treat money.  We must accumulate as much money as we can so that we can retire after 40 years of slaving.  How did the farmers do it when there was no fake value, only real goods.  They lived year to year.  They tilled the land in the summer time and lived frugally saving enough to sustain them through the winter.  Think about it, every year there was a balance reached.  They couldn't save the extra food for five years down the road.  They worked for the here and now.  Each year had its equal output and input, there was no excess left over.  They expended the most efficient amount of energy needed to get the job done.  They had a season of physical labor and a season of mental labor.

With our current way of life, technology has brought us to the point where previously physically taxing tasks that required much time and energy are now performed by machines.  Our labor provides the currency to purchase these machines.  Instead of continually working throughout the day, we now find we have "free time."  But these gadgets have seemingly segued into the realm of personal pleasure.  We fill the idle hours in front of the TV, playing video games, browsing the internet.  In general, we don't seem to use this extra time freed up by the developments in technology to build our mental and spiritual lives, our character.  There is no growth and this creates an imbalance when we are integrated within a continually developing cosmic process. 

A few geniuses who have developed beyond the current state of the race have had the mind to create this technology and we the masses have made use of it in our undeveloped states.  The machinery becomes a great boon for the active, creative person and a crutch and eventual nemesis in regards to the lazy person who does not now how to cope with reality.  It is now seemingly easy to escape reality while still rationalizing within one's self that one is "living."  But this is only an observation, not a condemnation, for if one is completely identified with objectivity and cannot find an overall purpose to life, then why would they not take the easy way towards comfort?  It is likely that it is never even contemplated in such a light, one simply moves along with the rest of the race and finds it easy to fit in as his neighbors are taking the same route.  But if one can shift his overall goal in life from one of having to one of being (quality over quantity), then he has the chance at development and brighter days, while also opening himself up to much pain and potential suffering.

And I will end on some of the characteristics that Vitvan says are of the person who cultivation a non additive nature.

"He talks little about the illusory values, partisanships, objects of sense, etc. but if occasion presents itself to discourse upon the Wisdom of knowledge accruing from orientation to the world of reality, he will talk exhaustively and indefatigably."

"His feelings, desires, etc. have become metamorphosed-in the transition-into love and compassion."

"Toward hypocrisy he is more intolerant than toward anything else."

"He has that true humility born of perceptive understanding that no power, no force, no energy, etc. "belongs" to him.  In this perceptive understanding he KNOWS that all power pertains to the Father-Mother-God; yet he is a stalwart and fearless fighter."

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