Sunday, March 6, 2011

Following the Path

I was just thinking about how the farther you get away from the source or "the Father" the closer you are to it.  I believe I quoted Berdyaev saying something to that effect.  You could be at the nadir on the cyclical journey and be completely oblivious to the nature of reality, be completely cut off from the awareness of what you are at the core and yet be closer.  There comes the time where are eyes are completely closed, engulfed in darkness to nature of the dynamic creative process.  This is portrayed in the allegorical myth of Narcissus becoming so consumed in his 'physical' appearance that he identifies himself as the 'body'.  So one goes around toiling, seeking sense gratification, obtaining 'material objects', desiring praise for one's physical beauty, praise for accomplishments.  We need to have our ego stroked.  We want to be somebody, we are ambitious.  This represents one moving towards individualism, separating ourselves out from the rest.  But because we seek the praise from others it means we are still tied to them.  The positive you, the individual, still seeks the negative from without, cannot complete the circuit from within, meaning you cannot become whole without the race psyche.  This is part of the natural process, we don't want to be cut off, we need the world mother (matter, the mother substance) or else we will become lonely.  The true positivity comes when we are able step out from the race psyche and find our dharma (purpose) and seek no praise, find no need to display our talents, we do so only because it is the task at hand at the current moment.  A true master does not go out in the streets and put his powers on display, he works behind the scenes, he does not claim the powers as his own, but he gives all glory to the cosmic natural order process.  The king did not possess the power, he was a figurehead, the priesthood were the ones in control.  'Not I that work, but the Father-Mother that worketh hitherto'.

As far as I have learned, one should look at all events and see the positive and negative working.  Understand the cosmic process in these terms.  We can look at the body and call it the negative substance, then see the psyche/soul as the positive to that negative substance.  The psyche animates the configuration (body), it is the positive pole to the negative of the configuration, the substance that accepts the positive creative force.  Then step it up to a relatively higher level.  The psyche, is a tool of the Christos or the Mind or as is referred to in popular culture, the Spirit.  The reason Vitvan rarely used the terms soul and Spirit is because the nature they were used in popular culture.  It is often that the term soul and Spirit would be transposed or used in the same context.  No one had a true referent (actual experience) for these terms and so they went off and reified them and got lost in their unconscious abstracting.  So if we say psyche and Christos we can keep ourselves better grounded, not objectify them.  So the psyche which was the positive to the configurational body, now becomes the negative to the Christos.  The Christos gives animation to the psyche (or we can also use the referent personality) which gives animation to the body.  The personality is a mask we wear that lets us get specific experience in this palingenetic process and eventually we will see that the personality is not the true animator but yet there is a relatively higher level that gives power to the personality or psyche.

So at one time our consciousness was identified with the body as what we are.  We find a realization through our experiences, maybe a teacher, or a dream, etc. and find out that the psyche animates the body.  So then we begin to identify with the psyche as the power that animates, we polarize ourselves to the psyche as the positive pole.  Through more experience, shifting back and forth, going through ups and downs, suffering, etc. we decide that there is no peace or balance in the psyche, so there must be an even higher level, so now we polarize to an even relatively higher level, and that is the Mind or Christos.  So we say that I Am that power, the Christos is that power with which we are conscious.  We could say being identified with the psyche that, I AM I, separate and apart from all else.  Then when we become identified with the Mind, we would say I AM, I Am the cosmic process, the Logos, the All in All.

So in regards to the path, first there must be the involutionary half of the process - for when we leave the Father's house, we look at the process from a dualistic standpoint.  The seed must involve or infold all the potentials into itself.  You could say the seed is planted in the ground for an analogy.  You can look at an aboriginal tribe and see that they are still identified with the group, they have not left that group field and have not fully involved, they still function in the same way that an animal functions in the animal oversoul.  At some point each tribe member must step outside of the tribe and say I AM I, develop a personality or psyche apart from the tribe.  It doesn't mean they completely separate themselves from group consciousness, but they slowly begin to develop their own individuality while still functioning in the group consciousness as well.

Now one can look at a place like America and see where people are beginning to reach that nadir on the evolutionary path.  There are still white, black, asian, latino, etc. races but people are becoming more and more separate.  We cannot completely generalize a person simply by their race where if you looked at an indigenous tribe all members will function essentially the same way, if you identify one, you have identified everyone in a tribe, again just as you could with a species of animals.

So one by one people are coming to that nadir and we are seeing a lot of hardships and conflict.  There is a lot of rebellion, people are lost.  To make the jump over to the other side, cease to descend and begin to ascend or evolve one must completely leave the race psyche.  He must become "whole unto himself", he must become a law unto himself.  The waves and frequencies of the race no longer affect him, he does not function on those levels.  I wrote a while back about having the choice of taking the red pill or the blue pill and I really did not understand what I was writing about at the time even though I thought I did.  What that seems to reflect is that once you decide to step outside of the race psyche and begin the evolutionary, upward arc back to the Father's house, there is no going back.  To go back to functioning in the race psyche, or functioning in sense as opposed to waves and frequencies, that seems to be meaning that we have given to the word sin (according to Vitvan).  And when one sins, that means to miss the mark - it means regression and potential oblivion.  So that is why the mystery teachings are not to be dabbled with for "fun", it is serious stuff.  If one wants to take the journey and go it alone, then they better be sure the are ready and committed because there is no turning back.  There is a responsibility that one has brought upon his respective self and must uphold, he has created karma now where the person who functions in the race psyche and is unconscious of the natural order process, they are not held to this responsibility or karma.

*Be conscious of the fact that when I speak about descending and ascending on these arcs these are just mental constructs that are used to fit our level of three dimensional consciousness and actually are two dimensional models.  We cannot truly represent reality through words/models so we must step it down to the lower levels through analogies and crude models

One must purify his psyche in preparation for the return to the Father's house, or for when the Christos is to take possession of His (don't think objective or person) temple.  One cannot enter the kingdom with the lower level frequencies, with hate, jealousy, envy, fear, and all the lower emotions.  These must be purified, so one must go through what is deemed the dark night of the soul.  As Vitvan says, it is not all sweetness and light as many "teachers" would have you believe.  It is a struggle to rid one's self of all the elementals that one accumulates all down through the involutionary process towards individualization.  As we are evolving, there are lower level entities who latch on to us to evolve themselves as well.  Again lower uses higher for it's own evolution.  Just as you have a teacher who is the positive to your negative who will help bring you up to his level to become positive for someone who is in your position at the negative pole, there are lower level entities that must find a positive pole to latch onto to bring themselves up to relatively higher level.  In essence you become the negative pole to them, they need a substance to attach to through which to evolve as they have no configuration at their 'level'.  Just as we need a configurational body to evolve the positive power.  We do not leave this world and evolve that power, it is all here.  The positive needs the negative to know itself.  Everyone needs a son.  We are given this opportunity to grow ourselves, something gave birth to bring us into this world and we must return the favor and help bring something else up, help it evolve.  As Vitvan says, it doesn't necessarily mean we must have a child, but we must have some cause, some dharma.  They call this the law of reciprocity.  What is given to you must be balanced by an equal and opposite re-giving.  And so when all of our transactions have been balanced in this world we will create the Son or the Logos and we will "know the truth."

So in short, if one is tired of living in duality, he would do good to find the path, the natural order process, separate himself from the rest and begin to climb to the heights through purifying his lower nature.  To polarize himself to the Christos or Mind level.  You know how they say, if you want something then feel as though it has already occurred.  Let the cosmic process do all the work, create the matrix for that higher level.  The positive power will create the womb for the Christos to be birthed 'within'.  And we should remember that individualization is only one half of the process, in reality there is no individual.  All is One.  But to discover this out for ourselves we must first separate out from the race psyche or oversoul and create our own field.  But that field is not separate, it is the cosmic process - a hologram.  We go through a succession of births as we complete the different cycles.  What is positive becomes negative to the higher field.  What that means is that we are expanding into the higher fields.

And as we approach the nadir, there will be those dark forces, elementals that pull us back towards the race psyche, because when we decide to cross over to the upward arc of evolution, they lose their host, their means of evolution.  So there is that push and pull, that power within us pushing to go forward into the light and those dark, unconscious forces that pull us back into the race psyche, away from our going into individualization.  We have that inner conflict as to whether we can go the path alone, be cut off from our friends and family and colleagues (the race psyche).  Do we want to choose the comfort of the womb or do we have the courage to go through the darkness into hell and fight the dark forces and purify ourselves?

I like the analogy of going through school in this plane of existence.  When you begin elementary or grade school you are negative, at the bottom of the cycle.  When you reach the 5th grade or whatever the highest possible grade was for you in grade school, you are now the positive pole, you have absorbed all the information from the lower grades and have mastered (hopefully) that which we call grade school.  But no this is not where you stop, you must now move to that which we call middle school (or whatever your respective culture calls it).  And there is a fear of the unknown future, a new beginning and we are unsure of ourselves (at least I was).  Now again you are at the the bottom of the cycle, compared to those that are graduating this year, you are the negative to their positive.  What you did in grade school no longer matters, you must start anew, however you did not lose what you learned in grade school, it becomes part of your 'unconscious' and you will carry that experience with you through the rest of your years, it is just buried down within you as conscience or instinct.  And so the process goes on and on.  You never stop learning or at least you should not because as we know this is a dynamic process and unless you reach the capstone, you know the All Seeing Eye that is featured on the US dollar bill, then there will continually be cycles where you must go from high to low, negative to positive to negative and so on.  When you graduate college, is that the end of your learning?  Not even close, some would say that is when you begin to learn and if you decide to study and learn the natural order process, then you would say that.  Because that is real education, college just prepares you to function in "society" or respective culture or race psyche.  To learn the natural order process is to learn about one's true purpose and to find meaning in a world where meaning isn't always easy to find.

Let each one love his own destiny.

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