Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Eye of the Hurricane

I'm sitting here in the midst of a hurricane/tropical storm and I'm watching the trees sway and the winds gust.  I think about the paradoxical nature of the tree and it's structure.  It must be firmly rooted in the ground yet as the winds pick up it must not fight against the wind but to move with it and at a certain point it must shift back to the other side and subsequently find a it's point of balance.  This process repeats throughout the storm.  It must have an elasticity while also maintaining firm roots in the soil. 

So when the deluge descends upon us and we are shifted to the periphery and we become aware of our imbalance we musn't fight against what nature has brought upon us.  We must move with it and at a certain point the power will shift us back to the other side just before we are to break like the tree.  If we can experience both sides and see them objectively as nature working out it's own course then we can then move closer to the center and achieve a period of balance.  It is at the peripheral points where we become conscious of our imbalance that we choose to die.  It seems that often when we fight against the nature of the cycle then nature causes our death.  Nature must take over and find that balance point if we are not willing to work with it.  In this sense we are thrown out of the natural cycle and forced to come back and start again at the same point.  Yet if we work with the natural cycle then we can control our own death, let go and let it happen on its own.  So when the hurricane or deluge comes into manifestation we can see this as a period where transcendence is possible.  If we work with it then we can die within the frame of nature as opposed to being ejected.  This seems to be the only way possible to move to the next octave.  One needs the friction that the deluge provides to work himself back to the exalted state of oneness.  Without a "body" or a substance to work in, there would be no job to be done.  When functioning outside of the 'material plane' without a psyche and configuration all would be a finer degree of light.  One would be in balance so what would there be to work toward?

Vitvan has a lesson on the deva line of evolution.  The devas would relate to the angels in contemporary culture.  Their lowest 'plane' of incarnation would the etheric world.  They are seemingly still in the Father's house.  They live in a realm of beauty and harmony.  But because of this he says that for every 1000 years of evolution in the 'material' world it takes 10,000 years in the etheric world.  So there is a balance in that.  You can come in to 'material' world and feel the acute pain and suffering that this level of existence provides or you can stay in the etheric world and enjoy the harmonic frequencies.  It seems to be proportional, all is perfect and in its own place.

And so I will conclude this post with a selection of text from "The Gnostic Foundations of the United States Government" by Vitvan:

"There is a cliche going around that ideas without words become sterile.  The spoken or written word configurates the idea.  But the word becomes sterile without works, without action, without doing.  Notice the three primaries:  the idea, the articulation of the idea, the configurating.  There are those that just live to mentalize about doing this or that, and there are others that act so fast they look as if they never mentalize before taking action.  But we must strike a harmonic balance between those three.  Create an idea, articulate or express it in words, then carry it out.  If you don't intend to carry an idea out, let it die.  Don't verbalize about it."

Okay, final summation.  Walter Russell gives us three words, RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE.  Nature shows us how it works and we have the ability to mirror it.  We don't have to be afraid of the hurricane.  See it for what it is and work our way into the eye.  We can only do this through functionally working our way into it.  It seems best to observe it first and gain the road map but at some point we must get in the game.

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