Monday, January 2, 2017

The Natural Order Process - Volume 2 - Lesson 27

I found the below passages very beneficial and wanted to capture them:

""Sin" can be described as the violation of the law of harmony, or transgression of the law of one's own being, by following sense when it is contrary to following the urge of Self.  Thousands of persons are living in sin when they think they are perfectly decorous and virtuous, perfectly in line and in order.  For many are outraging and violating the law of unity or harmony, called the law of their own being, by conforming to codes and standards arbitrarily created instead of cultivating the inner feel of harmonic urges of their own respective Selves.

Salvation therefore means liberation from the false values given to mental images appearing substantive and has been described as "freedom from sin and the sorrow which comes from sin."  No one can reach liberation and go against the law of his own nature.  Let one violate the law of his own being (which is called the law of harmony), the law of love, the law of unity) and, no matter how much that act may be justified by the outer codes, conventions, amenities and properties of organized society, he feels deeply unhappy; and even greater sorrow and remorse will follow if he continues thus against Himself.  One's first duty therefore is to get out of every condition which is not true to the heart and soul and law of one's own being.  Once free from the violations of this law, and the sorrow which comes with it, peace and eternal well-being obtains, where the soul partakes of the bliss of Self, called the glory of God."
One must have a strong mental conviction that with the power of the real Self it is possible to dethrone or overcome this usurper (the psyche).  The deeper this conviction, the more immediate and constant the progress on the path.  One must not waver; he should throw all of the influence of which he is capable into the conviction that the Power with which he created this usurper IS (and WAS) before there was any creation.  With this strong mental conviction it is possible to contact that Power and manifest it, not only in daily life, but for the real battle necessary to dethrone this adversary.  More than this--in one's essential nature he is that Power, and it is possible to become conscious of being that Power.
The goal is the full consciousness of the Master-self, the seer illumined by his own light.  Nothing except the obdurate resistance of the psychic-nature keeps one from this goal.  If the psychical powers are really "spiritual" powers (forces from the level of the Master-self) drawn from their proper channels, then the task is to regain control and restore these powers to their proper channels.  This requires sharp differentiation between energies or forces and forms of activities.  We therefore emphasize attention focused upon energies or forces, not upon activities or forms thereof.
The FIRST STEP, therefore, on the ladder of development may be stated as a simple exercise in concentration.  If one is going to withdraw creative force from integrated desire-forms, thought-forms, etc., (called psychic-nature) he must concentrate thought or attention upon these forces as separate or distinct from the forms.  As a rule this is done by attending to and thinking only of the energies or forces and ignoring the activities or character, forms, etc. of expression.

It is this process which is called control of the psychic-nature.  Emphasis must be given to the lifting up of the creative forces; it is not sufficient to just direct them out of the desire-forms, etc.  With this accomplished, one has a possibility of controlling his thoughts.  Therefore, to establish union he has three things to do: 1) He must gain control of his own versatile psychic-nature; 2) he must prevent the thinking-principle from assuming the many forms it so easily does when creative-life-forces are functioning in the cortical aspect or phase of the psychic-nature; and 3) he must come en rapport or "make connection" with the Master-self.

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