Monday, April 19, 2010


More from the Divine Illiad -

"My rest and peace may be known by moving things which know My balance in them and keep balance in them while thus moving."

"Moving things which manifest My knowing by equal interchanging void their moving and thus find rest;-but those which manifest Me unequally cannot wholly void their moving."

"These shall leave an unvoided residue of motion as a debt of unbalance which must be paid to Me before My rest may be known in them."

The last sentence is something that really stuck me.  If one doesn't balance each transaction he will leave a debt of unbalance.  Obviously we know how that works in economic world, which was based off the one law that all other laws spring from - rhythmic balanced interchanged.

To me I can look at this a few different ways.  I guess we all have ideas that arise and if we don't put them into action then there has not be a voidance and there is unbalance. 

We're said to have a destiny, a path that is to be our mission to accomplish in each life, if we don't complete this mission we get terminated through death.  The idea was there for us but we bucked it and decided not to complete it and thus built a debt through unbalance.

Now the one thing that is really intriguing to me is looking at it from the standpoint of purgatory.  When you do wrong, or expend your energy in ways that harm the body or other people, etc. you must then work off this debt in a state called purgatory.  One must go through purgatory before they can enter heaven.

Learning something like this and being able to cross reference it through real world experience and occult principles is very exciting.  That's the thing about Russell is it is all broken down to the most basic level.  You have a base to start with and you can work you way through the parts and hopefully make your way back to the base if you can put it all together.

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