Monday, April 19, 2010


This comes from the "Message of the Divine Illiad Volume 1" by Walter Russell -

"There are those among men of earth who deem desire unholy.  These seek holiness, and Me, through the suppression of all desires."

"These sit in quietude, seeking Me through meditation, but acting not to manifest My purpose.  Yet these ask alms, in My name of those who fulfill My purpose through thought followed by action."

"I command thee to tell to these misguided holy men, who sell their holiness for a price to those who unknowingly buy naught of holiness for their wasted gold, that they who thus sit begging by the road in mortifying rags shall never find Me whom they seek, until they act to fulfill My purpose."

"Tell thou them that they are as unclean in thy Father'Mother's eyes as the stench of them is unwholesome to men of earth."

"Said I not these very words in the beginning of thy full knowing Me in thee:  'Desire is of the Soul, the Soul being record of desire fulfilled by action for repeating its pattern in the seed?'

"And also said I not to thee: 'My creating universe is the continuing record of My eternal thinking, followed by action to record the patterned imaged forms of my thinking?'

"And again said I not to thee: 'My sole desire is to think for the purpose of expressing the One Idea of My thinking through imaged forms of My imagining engaged in purposeful action?'

Max Heindel in his works says that one should never release the seed within (ejaculate/orgasm) unless it is in the act of creating a child.  He says that this is the reason we fell from Eden.  Lucifer gave man knowledge that he could make babies without the help of the Gods.  He gave man the Tree of Knowledge and thus brought death and pain to man.  Man's unrestrained use of sex has brought him to current barbaric state, unbalanced state.  There is probably some truth to this but he also takes a moral stance and his teachings seem to suggest repression of the Power is part of the natural order.

Walter Russell says when man does not use one of his God given gifts they will eventually dissipate and be lost, as in the case of the pineal gland being made dormant.  When man lives a celibate, repressed life he is living an unbalanced life.  He disregards the action side of the process of life.  God has given man the sex function so that he can unite with a balanced opposite.  Man to balance the cycle must regive to God through carrying out the process that God has started.  When man denies this, he is denying the very God he claims to be praising.

What Russell says is that when man has sex with an unbalanced opposite, as in someone who does not balance him out or is not right for him, then he opens himself up to disease and decay.  But to find the right partner and "make love" to them is to create.  This would be considered co-creating, coming together with a balanced opposite to form One - voiding the two opposites to become whole again.  This in fact uplifts both people and progresses them both along in their evolution.

We have to simply ask, why are we here?  Well because we had the desire to be here living this life at this time.  Without the desire there would be no me or you.  To repress these desires that make us who we are, is to almost dissolve us all together.  I understand that the goal of illumination is to void the persona but there still has to be some desire, there must be some thinking along with action behind it or else you would simply cease to be after the acquisition of the light.  The desires must be of a finer quality.

The point to me seems to be to get rid of the base desires that harm the body and slow or regress the soul's progression. 

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