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Natural Order Cycles

My opinion is, the reason you and I are here on this earth in this palingenetic cycle or 'incarnation' is to individualize.  If you are one of the few who are functioning on Mind level as opposed to in the psyche or personality then you have already individualized and have "died to self."  One can look at it in the sense that he is climbing a ladder, but when the top is reached one must descend back down or otherwise descending down the ladder into darkness and climbing out back into the light.  It is all the same, it just depends on what level you are looking at it from.  It's only analogizing.  If we look at it from the standpoint of climbing a ladder and then descending, this can be seen as coming out from amongst the race psyche (the frequencies that effect the masses) and becoming one's own individual, now being able to receive frequencies CONSCIOUSLY as opposed to being moved to and fro unconsciously.  But once one reaches that zenith of accomplishment he must then give it all away, stop functioning personally and let the universal 'Spirit' take over.  This being because in reality there is no individuality.  The further we get along the more the veil is pulled back and when we see the house with the trees and mountains fully in a painting as opposed to seeing only the house while the landscape is blanketed with darkness, it is obvious that there is only One.  "I am That that I am."

        +3     -3
     +2            -2
  +1                   -1
0                           0

Look at the rough chart above.  This is the structure of elements, of tonal octaves you find on a piano, color spectrum, etc.  Carbon would be the the +4 element while 0 would be considered the "Father's House" allegorically or the Garden of Eden.  There is no 'physical' form at 0, 0 is represented by inert gases (study Walter Russell, Atomic Suicide).  At +4 where elements are furthest away from the zero balance or stillness, there is the greatest desire to return to the stillness at 0.  +4 would be the point where we on our palingenetic cycle reach indiviualization and begin the journey back to the "Father's House."  Think about the example that I have used before, when you stretch a rubber ball, what happens when you stretch it to the farthest point physically possible?  It has a desire to return back to it's natural balance.  You don't have to do anything, you let go and it seeks balance on it's own.  And so what did I say about the point where we reach individualization?  The 'Spirit' takes over our house and our personal will ceases to be it seems.  This fits in line with natural 'laws' of action/reaction and give/take etc.  When you give there is an equal and opposite re-giving equal to the energy that you put out.  I find this process so incredibly fascinating.  How liberating does it feel to know that there is a complete systematic order to all workings as opposed to chaos where nothing adds up to square?  The POSSIBILITIES... Strike to the right key tone and the door shall open I supposed.

 So turn that chart into a circle and then picture it as a spiral, meaning that when you complete the cycle, you don't repeat the previous cycle but move to a higher 'level'.  When we go around the cycle we are continually transmuting energy.  What one was at +2 is the same as that one at +3 just on a higher level.  Carbon is the essence as helium only now it has raised it vibrational frequency to a relatively higher level.  The Power is forever the same Power, but our state continually changes.  I think we tend to identify with the person we were years ago when that was just a point in time.  We carry the failures with us and let them define us when we have shed those skins of another day for a finer configuration.  The essence or 'spirit' 'within' is the same, but we now respond to finer and 'higher' wave frequencies.  This means that what people refer to as "death", the point that 0 represents, is not what people assume it to be.  Although you no longer have a 'body' to function in, "you" as the power to be conscious (your spirit) still exists just on another level (no dimension).  This is the same as water condensing into water vapor.  Although we no longer are able to observe the water, it does not mean that it no longer exists, it took on a finer vibrational rate that we are not able to observe with our senses.  The water will at some point return just as you will return another day to further along your development on towards your realization of Self.  The essence will be the same, but one will now take on a new personality that will best serve him in developing his weaker points.  Look at the tree for an example.  Every year the tree loses it leaves and "dies" in the winter only to for the leaves to re-bloom the next season.  What we are experiencing now is only one season of many that we will go through all across the aeons.

And so I'd like to finish this off by looking at the cycle of development from the standpoint of abstracting.  I think we should go about all of our tasks thinking about this cycle of development.  First there is an idea in the mind, then we draw up a blueprint, next we build what we have planned, and we must finish the process by manifesting what we initially saw in our mind.  If our ideas match up with what we actually create then that would be a full cycle of completion.  The first of planning and probably the first part of building is usually relatively easy, we have a lot of enthusiasm and we are able to push through without much resistance.  But when we come to the point where friction begins to push against us, the opposite force on the dual throng, the "evil" half that rises up to test us, a lot of times we find that we loose the steam we had and give up without completing the cycle.  We can liken this to creating new patterns of thinking.  Creating these new patterns, new aptitudes (treasures laid up in heaven that no robber can take from us) I think could be compared to a convict trying to dig his way out jail.  How much work does it take?  How deep down do you desire to create what you initially thought up?  It is a matter of will.

With all that being said apply it all to meditation.  Our goal is to still the thoughts.  What happens when one little thought comes into the mind?  If we have not disciplined our psyche, that thought can be driven way out of bounds into tangents upon tangents.  We lose conscious control.  On that cycle we got off the path, the thought found a pattern to divert off into that it has been conditioned to following.  It becomes the safe and easy path where we find comfort.  The cycle that we want to travel on, the one of conscious thinking or stillness has not been tread yet, to manifest takes the mustering up of will.  It takes courage because there could be a boogeyman, imp or ghoul behind that door.  And so we find that with meditation we must work day after day to hold that thought steady.  Inevitably the thoughts will drift into never never land and we will get discouraged.  Often we will give up because we want it to be easy, we don't want to suffer and there is not much progress.  Thus there must be some presence of faith.  It is not a blind faith.  We have a road map.  We have people who have made the journey who tell us if we hold true and continue to still our thoughts and go this route that the boons are worth more than a billion dollars.  Faith is necessary during some parts of the journey.  We're going into uncharted territory for ourselves personally if we are on the journey so there will be trials and tribulations, but man...the rewards to be won.

So yeah, conscious abstracting.  Thinking about the cycles in everything we do.  Let me finish what I started.  At some point there will be help from 'higher' levels that will come along to help us.  How do we know?  Because the greater ones before us have said so and we have a faith because so far at our current point of development, what they have said has been true to the territory.  If Vitvan says that this is a dynamic energy system and that what you and I see is a picture in the psyche that appears substantive, then we will consciously try to see the world in this light until the change is effected in our consciousness, the way we function.   If it ends up that this is not the case and that he was wrong or mislead us, what have we lost?  The failure will be etched into our consciousness, the failure would lead us to try another way to get into the castle.  As long as we are working we will get to that point, the +4.  If we stand at +1 for the time being, at some point we will have to switch to -1.  There must be an equal reaction to the action.  If one stands on the side of good, at some point there must be a shift to the bad.  And eventually we will find ourselves function with "The Good" as Plato referred to it and as Vitvan often uses.

And so I will just add this, that I think a lot people lose there place in the cycle, in their process of development because of our moralistic culture.  When we sit out toward the good pole, we are righteous and virtuous, eventually we must shift to the other side of vice/evil.  And so what happens is we then repress the evil.  We have evil thoughts about people and repress them deep down in while trying to maintain this godly image on the outside.  This creates a sort of schizophrenia that eventually causes malignancies in the body and neuroses in the mind.  At that point we are well off the path because we are repressing the natural creative forces that are present to our current development.  If one tries to hang out on one pole and fight the shift to the other side then eventually there will be oblivion, there will begin to be a regression.  There must always be a balance achieved.  We can fight it as much as we want but there is no stopping the natural order.  Why not just fall in line?  Obviously we care too much about the good opinion of others.  And so there is this ego vs. Self battle.  We fight our own Self, no one else.  There is no evil.  The power of evil comes from "The Good" just as does the good (positive pole).  Repressing the good is in fact working for evil, going against "God."  Quite the irony, huh?

Alright well obviously I get off on tangents as well, still failing myself and trying to climb the ladder.  Go buy "The Problem of Good and Evil" by Vitvan if you liked that last part.   And obviously check out Walter Russell if you liked the science part.  I'm trying to bring these two teacher's systems of cosmology together to create the best road map for the journey (at the least for myself).  Happy new year fellow treaders of the path!

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