Sunday, January 9, 2011


Objectifying or turning dynamic processes into static creations effectively stops the process of abstracting, of returning to that which one started from.  Think about it, you have a dynamic energy process going on which you are a part of, which you ARE and at some point you crystallize the process.  You effectively shut the process down with your thinking and thingifying.  Think about it like a river that has frozen over.  The river does not descend down the mountain due to gravity, but it seeks it's natural place where it is balanced (See Atomic Suicide).  Well if this river were to freeze over it could not reach its place of harmony and balance.  It would indefinitely be stuck.  To get back on track it first must reverse the process from which occurred when it froze and return to the liquid state to get back on the journey.  So with objectifying for us, we have become frozen and must turn around and get back on the path.  We don't backtrack, we turn 180 degrees and walk forwards, we admit we have failed (in that instance) and move along.  We do this through getting rid of all of the added identifications, neuroses, objects etc. that are not part of the natural process, that bog us down, that hinder us from seeing the light, etc. if we are ready.

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