Saturday, April 2, 2011

Separation/Cycle Completion

I really want to try and break down the end of cycles and the separation that occurs.  As has been stated before, it seems as though we are entering the process of shifting from one cycle to the next.  Vitvan confirms this saying that the Aristotelian cycle is coming to a close and that the Atomic Age is being ushered in.  I can't believe in the whole 2012 thing, this is a long drawn out process, it is not an overnight occurrence.  Yes, a new cycle may be coming in a higher frequencies are being experienced in the whole environment, but one must have the capabilities built in to register the higher frequencies.  It seems to have nothing to do with sidereal time, it functions in harmonic time.  Meaning we don't calculate based on a certain year, our years are arbitrarily created units of measurement, they have nothing to do with how the cycles are actually functioning.  People are trying to measure the Mayan calendar using our Gregorian calendar.  There are multiple calendars out there, and as people note all the time, there is an elite group at the top who run the show, do you think they are just going to flat out give you the esoteric doctrines out in plain view?  You have to dig for it, that is why it is esoteric.  One on the path seeks to get positive to the environment so he does puts less emphasis on his surroundings and more into what he can control.  The Mayan calendar stuff just becomes another tool for control.  When cataclysms begin to ramp up, the truthers can easily sublimate these events by saying, "well the Mayan prophecies are being fulfilled."  And so population decreases occur and no one bats an eyelash because it is 'divine prophecy'.  Who knows what will happen.  Do you believe in gods?  More power to you if it helps you through the day.

So say the shift occurs in 500 years as Vitvan estimates, this is the blink of an eye in the context of the individualization process from unicellular organism to individualized man.  We don't worry about the time though and how long it will take because we are going through a natural process and will step aside and let it unfold as it will.  Thy Will be done.  Vitvan had something interesting to say in a lecture I was listening to the other day titled "Understanding the Psychic Nature."  He asks, 'were you conscious of the process from unicellular organism up to element, to plant, animal and on to separating from the animal field'?  Were you conscious of coming into this world being birthed from your mother's womb?  I don't think so.  So in that case the natural order process brought you forth from those stages to this point.  Can you imagine that struggle?  Through all of that you arrived to being conscious of your self in this moment?  This is quite profound.  And so after all that you are going to say, "thank you Power, I'll take over from here."  Ha.  Do you see how ridiculous that is?

Anyways back to the main point I want to make.  So after all of this development, we are coming to a shift.  After so much (relative) time of individualization for every one of us, we find that there are large gaps between humanity.  And not just indigenous man vs. average American/European vs. elite world leader.  When you walk down the streets, function in general society, the gaps between each of us can be separated by hundreds of thousands of years (many incarnations of development) it seems (although this seemingly can be made up quickly).  You have people wholly focused in objective sense who live completely in their private worlds (personalities), wholly identified with the 'body', know nothing of, give no value to the psychic nature.  'I am body' and that is it.  You have those who function a small amount in the psychic nature and it goes on up the scale to the ascended masters.  Vitvan says there are 3 classes of people, 1)those wholly conditioned in objective identity, 2)those who have found the path and are in the process of becoming, 3)those who have individualized and are a Being.  Hopefully you can get an idea of what I'm trying to get across, the breadth of the gaps in all of our respective consciousness.  How many people do you know that you could walk up to on the street and try to explain this type of stuff to?  I don't know anyone, and I don't know squat about squat, but us remember also that mentalizing about teachings is not true development.  One could be completely individualized and know nothing about any esoteric teachings.  The frequencies that a disciple, someone who is beginning to awaken to a more expanse world is aware are minuscule compared to the infinite frequencies that make up the whole reality. But then think about someone who only is aware to sense functions, and compare them, the gap that would be between the disciple and someone who is completely asleep.  It seems profound to me.  One doesn't go straight from objective identity to Being, the seed does not instantly become a flower.  By and by through experience one begins to get tired of chasing chimerical dead ends and progressively comes nearer to the path.

So when you have a majority that is completely oblivious to the truth, to the purpose of the palingenetic cycle (the process of incarnating) and classes of those who are in different states of awakening, the majority becomes a nemesis to those who are awakening.  They are a great source of friction or point of reference in being able to push those who try and individualize further on the path, but eventually they become a nemesis and quite detrimental.  Just as one's personality is a vehicle that helps him wade through the mud and reach the path, but once he finds the path, the personality becomes his biggest enemy.  So in nature there must be a separation so that the individuals functioning in the lower centers do not drag those who are evolving down.  As we know there is a natural order process at work and that natural order process does not slow down for the stragglers, it does not step down to the level of those who cannot make the grade, there must be a benchmark.  Just as one should not lower himself to give sympathy/pity to those who wallow in the senses, shift back and forth and suffer.  Ayn Rand would call this self suicide and is detrimental to one's self and the whole.  At some point it must cast those out and let them repeat that cycle because they could not make the grade.  Look at how our schools are set up, they mirror the natural order process.  Look at how our 'body' works, we take in elements, energy, food and build up the body as we desire and that energy that is not usable is cast out.  So if there are those who no longer serve the purpose of the natural order process, who cannot keep up with the life wave, then they must be left behind and start again in more favorable conditions.

And so I personally love to make the correlation between the natural order process on an individual level and how Walter Russell has described the process of the creation of our solar system.  He says that when the sun becomes an individualized center, it casts out all of the lower vibrating frequencies/entities.  The planets are those lower vibrating beings.  And they house lower level individualizing beings that resonate with the frequency of the planet's overall field.  Just like we function in our respective race psyche, be it America, Russia, Africa, etc.  And we can abstract further down into the states with in those countries, down on to the cities, and so on.  So to be the sun it had to cast out the lower frequencies because it could not become the sun while housing those lower vibrating forces.  I've seen the planets correlated with the chakras.  The chakras are an extension of the inherent Power than animates us, they are the power separated and function at lower frequencies.  The planets are an extension of the sun, and they all vibrate at a lower rate consummate to their point of development.

Now lets segue into Vitvan's teaching of the birth of the Christos.  On the journey toward Mind level we have the baptism by water.  This is where we begin to function in frequency as opposed to objective identity.  John the Baptist is a representation of this process and he says, 'lay the way, for there is one greater that shall come after me'.  After the baptism of water comes the baptism of fire.  At this point the Christos power comes in and says, 'I come not to bring peace but to bring a sword' and 'an axe must be laid at the root of every tree not planted by my Father (those lower level entities/frequencies that are not natural to the cosmic process).  Meaning that to ascend to the higher level, become the sun or rise to the Mind level (the birth of the Christos), the lower frequencies must be cast out.   When one becomes pure again then he has completed the cycle, ascended to the next highest level of the spiral, the relatively higher sphere.

So you have many people who will believe that this predicted occurrence coming in 2012 will evolve their consciousness.  That because the earth's frequencies will be evolved (in theory) that they too will experience these frequencies.  Well it seems apparent now that this is not true to the natural order process, though the earth's frequencies may be raised and thus there will be more opportunity for us to tune into those frequencies.  We must first individualize, work for our salvation, experience the baptism of water before we can die to self or experience the re-birth into the higher spheres.  We must first 'come out from among them and be ye therefore separate'.  And then all of our lower qualities must be expurgated.  This is quite the process that Vitvan describes, it is not all peace and love, but it is going to be a battle, a fight to the death..the death of the personality.  One cannot bring the personality along into the higher spheres.  So I personally hear a bunch of the new age gurus who obviously still function in the personality who believe that because they are mentally awake to a shift in cycles that they have ascended.  And they reify words like divine and God, soul, etc. and generally have no clue what they are talking about.  And they suffer and think that this is part of their ascension.  Because they suffer that they are 'chosen'.  I guess the only hope is that the desire to know will lead them towards the natural order process that is going on.  That simply mentalizing about consciousness expansion is not the actual function that brings about the expansion.  And I do not condemn, I try only to observe and see the errors that I have made along with them and try to learn from them.

And so we either cooperate with the process and we move on or we work against and the reflection that is created, the imbalance will force us to shift and seek the middle path, to find the balance that is the natural order process, to FUNCTION IN THE POWER, AS THE POWER, not an extension of the power as the personality is.  Enter into that power, go inside, not the 'body' but the consciousness that the body is in, that the psyche is in, the autonomous field.

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