Friday, May 6, 2011

A Treatise on Faith

Ending quote from the booklet "A Treatise on Faith" containing rich teachings from Vitvan:

"Whatever the immediate trials and seeming failures of your life may be, keep forever in your mind the happy consciousness that the trials, temptations, hardships, sorrows and disappointments through which your pathway leads are but the recurrences of evanescent and fleeting shadows of your past, appearing again for corrective purposes, and of themselves have no substance you need to fear.  Meet them serenely and without flinching and, one by one, learn the lesson that each has come to teach, then they will vanish as the mist and the fog vanish before the dispelling power of God's beneficent sunlight.

Build you a temple in your consciousness upon the rock of faith, and by your works make your life a monument of beauty, whether the world knows and enjoys it or knows it not.  This, in effect, represents the eternal as well as the universal significance of faith."

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