Friday, May 6, 2011


And this one comes from the last lesson in "Practices in Individual Development" -

"It is the state in which the Power-to-be-conscious is conscious that sets up the impulse in the substance that we call the wave and frequency.  When the Power-to-be-conscious is conscious of Light, then the waves and frequencies of Light become the objective representation or the manifest representation of the state.  That is so immediate in Light's Regions, so immediate, that the state on the part of the Power-to-be-conscious and the wave-frequencies and its manifestation becomes a simultaneous process in Light's Regions.  When we reach even the edge of Light's Regions, to become conscious of an idea (not mental concept), to become conscious of a state that is qualified (that means idea), qualified, instantaneously it is manifest.  The state, the idea, the waves-frequency-the manifestation is faster than light.

As the substance becomes gross, that is, the interstices between the units of energy or the units of light become wider and wider, i.e., grosser, coarser, it is less instantaneous.  There is a lag between the state and the manifest evidence or manifestation of the state.  When we come to living matter we have to dwell with an idea, that is, we dwell with the quality of feeling, the quality of desire or thought.  We have to entertain it over what we call time before it begins to configurate and manifest in living matter.  So the higher, the finer the substance, the higher the state, the more instantaneous it is, until it is simultaneous with the state."

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