Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Excerpt from Commentaries on When the Sun Moves Northward

Pre-non Aristotelian teachings, but I think it paints a great picture.  Conceptually it is Non-Aristotelian in nature, but the language used to express the point is not.  It is very simple but I know for myself I want to hammer this in.  We are not trying to get away from anything, but diving into it and co-creatively (or creatively, depending how you want to view it) transmuting it.  I have one sticky note up on my wall.  It effectively, says, "this journey is not about what I'm striving to be, but about simply tuning into the frequencies" and then understanding what I Am and identifying with that or becoming One with that which is creating - which is Me and thus why it is a matter of tuning in and not changing something. 

This comes from page 48:

"The spiritual part of the man must so recognize the darkness and death of the physical, must so completely and willingly enter into it and transform it, the inevitable ill, into a thing desirable, that it shall dissolve away, and vanish in its character and quality as that which is ill or evil. So, in entering the Tomb, the Christ of the world, the Buddha of the world, the Krishna of the world, destroys the Tomb itself.

            Enter into it willingly and transform it and bring the kingdom of heaven to it. This teaching is sound, and I endorse it. It is not pulling yourself up and beyond objective consciousness into a transcendental state; it is not trying to reach something back of or other than the astral and physical substance, but it is entering the material conditions of consciousness willingly and dwelling there until the material view has been transformed into the release of the substance. This can be carried to such an extent that the divine precept of the Illumined One becomes literally true. “More uprightly and purely speaketh the healthy body, perfect and square-built; and it speaketh of the meaning of the earth.” This is Freidrich Nietzsche's doctrine of the meaning of the earth. The earth has a meaning — it is not a material concept, but it is divine substance, and he who touches the physical body touches God.

            That is the doctrine; stop running away from it and enter it until the material concept of it is dissolved away, until the character and quality which appears evil has completely vanished. You have not left it, but you are still there blended with it as the substance. Then think of the whole sidereal universe and of the orders of Beings embodied; think of all that as the body of God — and you have arrived! This is the significance of the resurrection. It is not pulling yourself out of objective consciousness and going on up somewhere; it is transforming it. When you can do that, you have resurrected yourself from material concept — the tomb — and there no longer is a tomb."

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