Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Vitvan on Memory

From July-August Resonance send out by SNO:

Memory is the result of experience between what is called birth and death when the result of that experience is abstracted between what is called death and birth. One thing we must remember is that between what is called death and birth, memory is extremely keen, because memory in this sense belongs to the Mind (which again means the lines of force of a given field that we label Mind). This is in distinction to the refraction through the qualities of the psychic nature, which breaks it all up into the variegated colors or its spectrum. The psychic nature is like the prism through which the wavelengths and frequencies in Mind Substance become refracted. Outside or relatively ‘above’ the psychic nature there is no refraction; it is the pure Light. That pure Light represents memory. It is extremely keen, to the degree in which it is developed on a point on the timeline of an individual field (all that has to be put in because it cannot be verbalized). Because it is the pure Light relative to the field, relative to the timeline, memory is keen. Therefore the result of experience can be abstracted and incorporated.

If the experience has only been automatic repetition of the taboos, the mores, the customs and usages of the tribe, very little experience is gained. It is like chickens automatically picking up corn – peck, peck, peck. Similarly, the psychic nature automatically repeats the tribal usages. It all eventuates into mere suggestion on the psychic nature. Where the psychic nature reflects these suggestions, there is very little or no original experience. But variations upon it take place. That is, a member of a given tribe will question. If he questions any taboo too closely, a dichotomy will develop in the group, the cell will divide, and the questioner will pick up his supporters, withdraw (if he can get away with it), and form another tribe. So we have cellular division on the group level of a tribe. His question is that which will affect the field. In memory, he will build that quality into his pattern and it will show forth a little change; a little iridescent color will begin to form in his soap bubble. 1