Thursday, November 12, 2009

Light and Dark

There is more to be learned in times of darkness than in times of light.  It is a thing of beauty to be able to bask in the light of the Spirit, but you would never attain to the Spirit if you had not journeyed through the darkness.  This material world is in my mind hell.  We have been trapped on this plane of existence and we have no choice but to accpet our circumstances.  There is no escape from it.  If you try and escape by taking your own life it has been said that then you will truly know what hell is.  So we must ask, is God evil?  Does he gain pleasure in watching us suffer?  This could not be farther from the truth.  This is in actuality a gift, the best gift he could have given to humanity.  He is giving us the chance to know ourselves.  He is giving us experiences to gain self consciousness.  He is using this world to know Himself better.  For in reality there is no "us" outside of Him.  His Spirit is working through our souls.

There is much pain involved in the process of evolution.  With this pain though we shall know love.  The pain of separation from our Father shall soon turn around and be transmuted into love.  We shall know ourselves as Him and know that we were never cut off, that He was here all along.  All is fair in this world.  What ye sow ye shall reap.  Nothing is random.  If you take heed of the pain you experience you shall in the future do right and experience God's love for you.  Even when you think that you are getting somewhere.  You start to feel exalted highs, you feel like you are coming closer to God, you will inevitably experience the dark nights where you feel that you are completely alone in this world.  This is the best test to see where your heart really is.  If you only believed in Him and His love when the sun shined, what would that mean?  You must BE good, not do good.

What good is it to trust when you know He is there?  You must know in darkness and light that He loves you deeply and wants nothing but the best for you.  He hopes that soon you will make it back to His house so that you can celebrate and commune together once again.  But you must forge the path back.  Use your intent and will and through the light and the dark make your way back.  If it was an easy journey it would mean nothing.  True accomplishments are achieved when there is doubt, when there are unknown factors involved.  You must rise above your current expectations of yourself, you must raise yourself to God's level.  He will not lower to your inferior level of consciousness.

If I turn my back on God in times of turmoil and uncertainty what does that say about my faith?  It says that I didn't believe that He was with me all along.  We must turn inside and follow the light within.  We have the choice to choose God over the devil.  The devil will provide you with short term gains but God's glory is infinite.  It might take longer to achieve but anything that must be worked and labored for will have value.  Become humble realize how small you are in the scheme of creation.  Your selfishness and arrogance will keep you on the outside.  Let your pride go and become nothing so that God's Spirit can fill you.  He wants to make you whole again but you must bring it to fruition through an act of Will.  Someone in fear cannot enter God's house.  Pure love must be attained to because that is what God is made of.  The devil wants you to remain in fear because this keeps your mind off of God.  There is nothing to fear.  Your destiny has been written in the stars and nothing can change this except YOU.

Seize the moment.  Become your destiny.  You are one with God and He one with you.  If you can hold your heart and mind with God in the times of darkness then you are on the path.  Follow your heart and the bridge will lead to Him.  Embrace the darkness, for it is the darkness that shall lead you home.

[Poetic but so aristotelian]

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