Monday, November 30, 2009

Walter (and Lao) Russell

Walter Russell was quite possibly the greatest illuminate of the 20th century.  His accomplishments though widely unknown to the general public were arguably unmatched by anyone.  He achieved illumination for a period of 39 days where he had 360 degree sight.  He had essentially become One with the Mind of God.  The teaching produced from this illumination are invaluable.  I will post some quotes below that help me to understand life more than I already do.

"You do not realize that all of your body is not wholly alive all the time.  Part of you is always dead or dying, up to your maturity.  After that all of them are slowly dying  The millions of microbes which await more full life in you are harmless to you while you can charge your body sufficiently to insulate your life from their death.  About two pounds of your body dies every day, and the millions of dead bodies which are in that two pounds would kill your live body if you took them back into your metabolism again.  Have you ever though of that?  Great cities must have great sanitation departments to guard against just that. 
Have you ever though that your every inbreath charges you with power to live, and every outbreath is death?  That means that you are perpetually living and dying thirty or forty times a minute.  More amazing still-if you will but give deep thought to it-is the fact that whatever lives in you is not a poison to you, but whatever of your own body which does not live will poison you.  You breathe in living oxygen which comes to you from the earth and its foilage.  It dies in you and you breathe out a deadly poison known as carbon dioxide.  That carbon dioxide is not poison to the ground, however.  It is food to the ground.  The earth breathes in that food and breathes it out as oxygen, which is poison to it but life to you."

"You must now know that all bodies in all the universe are the same in all respects, whether they are electrons, cells, rocks, metals, trees, men, planets or suns.  All o fthem live and die in the same manner.  All breathe in the charging breath of life and breathe out the discharging breath of death.  All of them compress heat and polarize when they breathe in, and expand, cool and depolarize when they breathe out."

He says that all bodies are made of -and by-electrical waves and every characteristic of the electric current is a life and death alternation.  There are dead and dying things in our body's, the earth's and throughout the universe.  He says that at age 40 our cells are their most virile.  The cells are true spheres and small, fast turning rings.  As you age to 60 they become more flat at their poles as the earth is doing, and their surfaces begin to wrinkle with rings like Jupiter, just as the old face wrinkles with many lines.  At 80 rings are actually thrown off an equator just as the rings of Saturn do.  He says that these rings are dead cells of Saturn's still living body.  A 90 year old man is still living but his cells are dying faster than his body can replace them. This can be related to the dying car battery.  It will charge some but it will show more discharge than charge. 

So we know that Jupiter and Saturn are dying planets.  They still get their energy source from the pressures of the sun, but they are dying faster than they can live. 

This is what he says about the earth:
"The earth is a dying cell thrown off from the sun.  It cannot maintain its spherical form.  It is flattening at the poles and cannot keep in balance with its system by remaining on the plan of the sun's equator.  It is in the very early stages of preparing to throw off more rings such as its first one which has would to become a moon.  The growth of deserts around its equator is the first early stage of that period.  Mars has grown very much older.  It still has water but oxygen dependent life is nearing its end upon it.  Deserts take up a large area of it and it is more oblate than the earth."

So you can see the fractal nature of the universe through the lives of the sun and the planets.  We know that the sun will eventually die.  Along the process of dying it ejected the planets out into space.  We can see that the planets to are in the process of dying and they too will eject spheres out into space.  So as I see it as death starts to occur in nature the cycle begins to slow down.  The spheres start to expand.  They start to discharge more energy I assume to maintain balance as they expand and the center of gravity changes.  Because they move slower they cannot keep up with their previous rate of vibration.  The death seed takes over and decay becomes inevitable.  From the decay living bodies are born. 

So what does all this mean?  It means that death is a good thing, it's equally as important and life or birth.  But you have the power to remain vital and vibrant until nature naturally take effect.  You can speed up the death process or you can wait until you're around 40 and let nature takes it's course back to death in this world.  You were given this life for a purpose and it is your duty to keep your vehicle healthy. 

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