Sunday, November 1, 2009

Web of Destiny

Every soul that has been birthed into this world has it’s own personal purpose. We all have a destiny or as the book The Alchemist calls it, a “personal legend.” We are weaving a personal story that ties into the universal cosmic order. In short, you matter and what you accomplish or don’t effects EVERYTHING in this universe. And every moment is a chance to get it right.

Before we came into our mother’s womb we along with higher spiritual beings chose the type of life we would live in the coming incarnation according to Max Heindel. There are no random occurrences. All chaos has an underlying structured order to it. You, as in your higher Self chose the experience and family which would most benefit your soul’s growth. Just before your spirit left the spiritual worlds to enter the womb we saw the panorama of the upcoming life just as you we the panorama of the previous life at the time of death. Only in the pre-birth panorama we only see the highlights.

There are certain major events that we are destined to experience in our life. Our lives will take a certain theme and all experiences will lead to these certain major events. However we also have the free will to resist that which has been laid before us to accomplish. We can go against our destiny and let outside forces control our fate. Destiny equates to control from within while fate is being controlled from without.  Fate deals in duality while destiny is absolute. When we follow our destiny, we come in line or resonance with our higher Self. When we vibrate to the tune of our higher Self we attain balance and Oneness with the universe. All is in order and all will be working for us.

We have the free will to go away from our personal purpose. We can choose to be out of balance with our Self and nature around us. However, Nature is inherently balanced. If it becomes unbalanced it will find a way to re-balance itself. What happens to the apple that is out of balance with it’s environment (does not get adequate sunlight, nutrients)? It becomes rotten and eventually perishes. So what happens to the human who is out of balance with his environment within and consequently without? Eventually symptoms arise to alert the person to the unbalance that is within. If the problem is not dealt with eventually more symptoms will arise as other areas are affected until the body cannot handle it anymore and ceases to be of use.

The difference between a human and a plant or animal is the human has the ability to choose. One does not see plants or animals causing their own destruction. The only time they become unbalanced is when the external environment ceases to provide them the necessities for their survival – ie. Sunlight, water, or say a natural disaster of some sort and that usually arises due to humans wreaking havoc on that very environment. Humans have the ability to be self destructive. While animals are guided from without and plants are stationary, humans have an indwelling spirit. People who lack personal responsibility will see this free choice as curse because they refuse to see the choice that was made that created their situations. Those who accept the fact that they have a divine hand in weaving their web of destiny will see the ability to choose as the ultimate gift from God.

We are all weaving our own stories which effect the whole story of everything.  Everything is within everything and thus everything affects everything else.  If we go against the purpose that we (as in our soul or higher Self) chose before we came into this world, the world will find away to eliminate you.  Some of the most physically healthy people have been eliminated "before their time."  There is an inherent purpose in everything.  The fig tree that does not bear fruit is a failure.  What is the purpose of a fig tree that cannot provide the very thing that it is here to produce?  It has no purpose except wasting energy and gaining nothing.  The human who does not realize his destiny and bear the fruits that were expected before the journey through matter was taken has failed and thus has wasted his life.

There is the objective viewpoint from where I stand.  With a fruit tree there is no in between, but it seems that there is also a subjective side to the human case.  Like I said, every moment is a chance to get it right.  One could have failed every single moment of his life up until a single moment, but decide to discover his Self and destiny and be considered the greatest success ever.  The past does not define us.  In fact, those failures are the very thing that will guide the person to the light. He can use the dark side of his past as a pivot point while he seeks the other side.  Eventually if he is on the right path he will have constructed the perfect formula for achieving balance.  A human can seemingly make strides toward improving his being but not actually fall in line with his higher Self.  If he gains in some areas but fails to make progress in others can he be deemed an outright failure?

Again, I think if you look at it from a dualistic perspective, he has not failed, he has gained knowledge that he previously lacked that will help him build for the future.  If looked at from the absolute viewpoint, he has failed.  He did not fall in line with his higher Self, he did not find his path of destiny, and he did not reclaim his essence in whole.  There were only sudden, temporal epiphanies where the truth was illuminated.  There is no way to reconcile these two opinions other than realizing that duality springs from the unity of the source.  On the absolute level, duality is an illusion in which the absolute is concealed within.  This is what creates the cycle.  Each side needs the other to exist.  It is the process of evolution, continual folding and re-folding, contraction and expansion.

All seeks to re-unite with it's source, to attain atonement.  This is the purpose within all living things.  Our destiny is to re-connect with our higher Self.  You see the expansion of your physical world, you must now know the contraction side to see the whole picture of the cycle.  In everything we do we seek to unite.  We are cut off from our Father and by any means we seek to fill this void.  Most will seek externally through drugs, art, a partner, but those who seek ultimate truth will go within to realize that God never left them, that all along they have been carrying His Spirit with them through the wilderness and one day they will re-unite as ONE.  This is the true destiny of man.  To realize that He is Everything and Everything is Him.

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