Thursday, March 18, 2010

Self Surrender

So how do we surrender ourselves, die to the ego?  Like I said we must realize that there is no ego.  It is all one cosmic process.  The thoughts and desires are not originating inside of us.  It is part of the race consciousness that you and I are intertwined with.  There is no you separate from the Spirit, from the One.  As Vitvan says, it is hard to let go of this.  We just found out that we are evolving beings and we are breaking out of the race psyche.  We are pushing forward into the higher frequency levels and we want to believe that we had some hand in it, that we are special.  Now you are telling me that all of that meant nothing, that I now must give it all back?

If we don't want get stuck in the quagmire of egoism and continue on this path we have been treking then we must die to self.

And how do we do this?

I will quote Vitvan again...

"It is the power of love, for when you really love you die to self"

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