Monday, February 28, 2011

Escaping the 'Material' World

When one is discontented with his or her life and stumbles into or finds 'spiritual' philosophies and teachings it is an uplifting experience.  This seems to be the light in darkness that you sensed was there all along but never could locate.  It is a boon and a ticket out of hell.  'Having been mired in a crass, rigid, harsh, unforgiving and unfair 'material' world it is time to make our way out.  The light is beautiful and sweet, I've had enough of this world.  I'm punching my ticket to heaven'.

The "call to journey" in the context of the journey of the hero is a pivotal moment.  A chance has presented itself it would seem and one can choose to take it or deny or disregard the event as meaningless, "oh just a coincidence."  In other words, "I'm scared."  'Being dead in this cocoon is dreadful but the world outside is even scarier and better yet unpredictable'.

Anyhow lets say one decides to follow this path and see where it takes him/her.  Having lived one's whole life in 'materialism', the pole shift has occurred.  We have now shifted into 'spiritualism'.  We will now deny the material world and seek the spiritual world.

On this journey, the seeker is going to get lost, he might not know that he is lost but he will get lost.  For being conditioned into duality from birth, there is no instant retreat into "the Absolute."  There is always trial and error and that's what makes the journey worthwhile and even fun.  Yes, those mistakes and turns into dead ends, falling off of cliffs, getting lost in the ocean and whatever other metaphor you would like to employ are what make the journey meaningful.  The point is to never give up and eventually we will work our way towards the middle, into the Silence.

Vitvan will often say that metaphysicians are in fact the objective ones, even though they will ride the backs of those who love to function in the senses, the "materialists."  Why are metaphysicians considered objective?  I shall attempt to explain.  A metaphysician otherwise known as a metafizzler seeks to escape this world and enter the spiritual realms, way out there away from this gross 'material world'.  The problem is that it is not true to the structure/function of the natural order (Cosmos).  This is the only world, right here.  The world you are conscious of is IT.  You might only be conscious of a slither of IT in your current state but that does not deny the reality.  You've heard the phrase, "you are the All in All," there is none else.  As above, so below.  Every part, represents the whole.  And so when you deny this world, you are in fact denying reality.  And this is a good way to bring about schizophrenia.  When you deny the negative pole, the substance, matter or mater, your psyche will begin to create images/sounds to replace what you have denied.  This comes from Vitvan's Natural Order Process Volumes.

So as we know, there is no material or spiritual world, these are only abstractions belonging to a consciousness identified in dualistic functioning.  When you take away the material, the spiritual has nothing to contrast it, just falls away.  This is the case with dual concepts.

The key is, as is written throughout Vitvan's teachings and as I have said before, the world  we observe of which we  have our being in is not static, it is not a creation - it is dynamic, it is forever in the process of BECOMING.  We have always been on the journey, only at some point we just might become conscious (dual throng word) that we are on the journey and then are able to speed up the process and work with it.  So, anyways the wave and frequencies are too fast for our neural system to register and so we make a crude picture of dynamic energy systems.  Instead of escaping this world, we must work to see it as it truly IS.  We must condition ourselves not to see these energy systems as objects and then we must make sure we do not identify labels as the object.  "This is chair" - We should say, this is a dynamic energy system that we LABEL a chair.  If we make this our habit, the psyche will pick up on what we are doing and we will be able to observe the dynamism according to Vitvan.

There is no escaping this world.  We created it, now we must transmute it.  Turn it into something beautiful.  Stop blaming the ugliness of the world on the people around us, governments, corporations, whoever.  Because we cannot separate ourselves from anything and anyone.  We individually had just as much a hand in creating this world as anyone else.  And at sometime we function on the relatively lower levels that we chastise others for functioning in.  Bend yourself.

One thing I have learned recently, is that you are not going to enter the Kingdom, come into the Light because you have exalted spiritual knowledge or accomplishment.  It is about how much strength and will you have.  It is likely that most people get into the wisdom teachings because they are trying to escape a cold, harsh world and that in the spiritual world you are promised light and sweetness.  This is how many teachers and "gurus" represent it.  It is easy, just take a walk on the yellow brick road down on into enlightenment.  I personally fell pray to this.

It's just not the case.  It's the complete opposite.  As Vitvan says, it is a real He-Man's job.  "Timid one's stay out."  And so what one finds is that the more information you acquire and the better you are able to function in regard to reality, the more the responsibility is. They call it "the dark night of the soul."  To paraphrase the scriptures, 'an axe must be laid at the root of every tree not planted by my Father (the natural order process)'.  One must expurgate and get rid of all of the lower qualities.  One must create a new habit track.  He must individualize and cease functioning in the race psyche wave and frequencies.  This means all of the emotional outbursts and fitting in with "the culture" must end.  It's a lonely road.  But who cares, if one finds out the true purpose of being, how can he not go for it?  In my mind it seems impossible, seems like relegating one's self to oblivion.  What are you going to say, well I'll try next time?? - read the books if it resonates with you.

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