Friday, February 25, 2011

More random quotes

"From ev'ry power that holds the world in chains.  Man free himself when self-control he gains." - Goethe

'The treasure you desire lies in the cave you fear' - paraphrase from Joseph Campbell

"I am a free agent of the world, short of the shackles of the laws of nature.  I am also bound by my previous acts which are currently and continually unfolding as my destiny.  But I see clearly and thus I am free"  - Unknown

"Philosophy, law, and ethics, to be effective in a dynamic world must be dynamic; they must be made vital enough to keep pace with the progress of life and science.  In recent civilization, ethics, because controlled by theology and law, which are static, could not duly influence the dynamic, revolutionary progress of technic [technology] and the steadily changing conditions of life; and so we witness a tremendous downfall of morals in politics and business.  Life progresses faster than our ideas and so medieval ideas, methods and judgments are constantly applied to the conditions and problems of modern life.  This discrepancy between facts and ideas is greatly responsible for the dividing of modern society into different warring classes, which do not understand each other."  - Alfred Korzybski from "Manhood of Humanity"

"Time is not money, but money is time.  It is a symbol of wealth, accumulated through time and toil." - Korzybski

"Adult characteristics are potential and not actual in the germ, and their actual appearance depends upon many complicated reactions of the germinal units with one another and with the environment.  In short, our actual personalities are not predetermined in the germ cells, but our possible personalities are...The influence of environment upon the minds and morals of men is especially great.  To a large extent our habits, words, though; our aspirations, ideals, satisfactions; our responsibility, morality, religion are the results of the environment and education of our early years." - Korzybski

"Hope is as hollow as fear; success is as shaky as failure" - Not sure where this came from

"The real Self is in the state of becoming, it is not some highly developed god in the sky." - Vitvan

"Now lets step back 'down' from the Light Mother to the World Mother, the world of the genetrix, in which generative force or power, the psychic nature functions; in other words, in which consciousness, the Power-to-be-Conscious, functions.  The psychic nature functions in the world of generation, neither 'above' nor 'below'.  When you can impersonalize the world of generation, it is a universal power motivated, operated, by reason of polarity.  Wherever there is polarity, positive and negative, sperm and ovum, there is generatioin.  This is where we have the constant play of opposites sustained by the power of equilibrium which unifies and develops order in generation.  If it were not for that power of equilibrium there would be chaos in generation, because the opposites would destroy each other.  Man would destroy his woman and woman would destroy her man if it were not for the third factor, the power of equilibrium that unifies them.  The neutron in the atom is a unifying power, because the electrons and protons would be all over the place, unordered, without the power of equilibrium that unifies them.  It is in everything, and on every 'level'.  The power of equilibrium, the power of balance, is a cosmic force." - Vitvan

"There is only one thing that is immortal, that ha continuity between death and birth, that operates in a here-now ('here' meaning space, 'now' meaning time), a space-time continuum.  It is the individualizing process that operates in the here-now, space-time continuum, and relative to the objective manifold of values it operates between birth and death (or what we call birth and death), and we say it is immortal.  But that is a relative term and has no other validity.  The only thing that is immortal i the individualizing process, which operates in the continuum.  And that continuum can be reduced to the Aristotelian level and we can say it is immortal.  The psychic nature is not immortal because for every cycle in the helix, the spiraling process of differentiating or individualizing process, every time around you must create a new psychic nature." - Vitvan

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