Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Transforming the Mind - Transpersonal Psychology

I think it is essential that one study different philosophies, teachings, religions, methods of self improvement, etc.  I have heard it said that what makes someone a genius is being able to put one's self in another person's shoes.  One seems to need to be able to have a 360 degree perspective, not play the this or that, hot or cold, good or bad games.  Being able to cross reference teachings and apply something you learn studying psychology to something you read while studying astronomy I think is invaluable.  It gives you the confidence to keep going on because a particular teaching continues to stick every time you throw it up against the wall.  I'm not saying just because you can cross reference two teaching or even more that they are correct.  What makes something stick is when you can dig and dig and eventually you arrive at the natural order as the foundation.  But if we aren't sure, we can just put a concept on the shelf and hold it there until we are able to prove it through direct experience, correlating it to the natural process.  If we find other theories that disprove well then we can easily dispose of it.  If we dogmatize and deem it as truth before we get understanding well then its going to be a battle to get back to square one.  We don't want to identify with abstractions and get too far out on the limb where it is hard to get back to solid ground if we don't have to.  I guess it's all about having an "open mind."  Even the "evil" teachers who are working to keep us separate and divided have their ideas rooted in the natural order and I personally learned a ton of information from djhives that is not available elsewhere.  But the catch is, if one goes down into hell, he could have a hell of a time getting out.  If one is not good at discerning natural order from non natural order then the mud might stick and your quest for truth might lead you into darkness.  Either way you will learn something so I say SHUT UP AND LEAP!

With all that being said the purpose of this post is to post an e-book titled "Transforming the Mind", it is a very detailed book on transpersonal psychology.  You will get many concepts and functional concepts that you can apply to yourself.  Not just ideas but steps to take to improve yourself and your psyche.  So if you're in the phase where you're trying to purify your psyche and you still have identifications and maybe you're not able to observe yourself 'objectively' then this book could be of service.  Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Peter for allowing me to publish and quote from the book.

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