Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Atomic Suicide - Walter and Lao Russell

Here are some more quotes/discussion from The Russell's:

"The one amazing thing about all matter, which is not known today, is that all matter wants to explode, it wants to die.  To live is an effort.  To die is effortless.  matter is not held together from within by the attraction of gravity, as generally supposed, it is compressed together by a force exerted from the outside toward its center.  Life is hard to maintain, for that reason, and for the same reason it is easy to die because it wants to die.  You must understand this fact if you wish to comprehend how radioactivity kills.  It is against all modern scientific belief, because the general belief is that a material nucleus holds the atom together.  Nature does not work that way.  Atoms do not have nuclei.  Nautre creates her atoms the same way that you would compress air into a tire.  It is hard work.  You pump it in from the outside toward its middle.  Then you put a cap on it to imprison it.  If it is not sealed and imprisoned it would escape without effort by you.  It does not need help to expand.  It only needs help to be compressed."

"Matter is an abnormality.  The normality of this universe is a conditioin of rest - an equilibrium.  Matter is not an equilibrium.  It is a created condition which divides a resistant equilibrium.  That division results in termendous tensions.  Tensions are not normal to the universal equilibrium.  Tensions have within them a great desire for relief from tension.  Decay, death, discharge, explosions and flame give matter that relief from tensions which it desires.  Bear this fact in mind.  Remember that the first desire of all Creation is Mind-expression by division of universal equilibrium.  Remember also that the desire to again return to the normal universal equilibrium is equally intensive.  To divide an equilibrium requires work.  To return to the normality of universal equilibrium does not require work.  Bear in mind then that it is hard to live but easy to die.  Radioactivity is making it harder for bodies to live by releasing the tensions which makes them die."

So all matter is imprisoned.  It is heat encased or crystallized by cold.  The nature of the universe is to be at rest so matter is forever trying to escape this tension.  So obviously we are encased in a material body that can be likened to a prison.  Radioactivity would light the spark and induce death if it were to overtake the earth.  Russell uses the analogy of sparking a piece of dynamite so that it can explode and escape.  Now how can humans escape this prison without "dying"?  The mystics have long told of this process.  Most will probably refer to it as illumination or enlightenment.  So what is going on here?  Well we know we must ignite a spark inside.  We realize this that this means we must raise our inner temperature.  As I see it we must start to vibrate at a higher rate.  We must commence our body to move so fast that it becomes still mirroring the true nature of existence.  Once you find this center point the Spirit will fill you with it's Light.  It has been described as a bright white light being seen.  One's consciousness would then be able to leave the physical body.  Everyone feels that must do something to find this place, that they must go on a journey and seek the "Kingdom of God".  When in reality we must only find the stillness within that is our true nature.

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