Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hierarchical/Relative Consciousness

Quote from Vitvan - "A Treatise On Faith" on perception of the objective world

"Here in this world, we are surrounded by and we are also incorporated in a Light-energy world of highly dynamic frequency and we can't see it.  We don't even know it.  "Where is that ocean?" the fishes said.  (You know the fishes held a convention and they argued where that ocean was, or whether there was an ocean.  Some of them got up and said, "There isn't such a thing, no such thing as an ocean."  Others said, "Yes, there is an ocean somewhere; it is omnipotent, it is omniscient, it is all-pervading." "But show us," said the agnostic ones.  Many others sincerely wanted to be shown where that ocean was, and so the arguments went on and on and on.)  And so arguments go on and on and on about whether there is any God, whether there is a cosmic process.  Or, if there is, where is it?  Some say there isn't any such animal or thing, and others say vaguely, "It is everywhere, even up in the sky."  But let us get right down in our respective selves and see how we register rapid frequency received from this energy world and how we make a picture of those frequencies registered as continuous.

So long as the pictures remain in your consciousness, wholly and totally unconscious to your objective, mentalized-self, or mental concept of self, you will then accept the images or pictures as reality; and to those images or pictures so appearing--which are generally identified with that from which the frequencies are received--you give values and create values about them.  (The you here means the whole race, from the awakening of consciousness from animal state to the awakening of consciousness in wave-frequencies.  In the animal state, the so-called objective world exists as a dream picture exists to man, where the man awakening from the dream says, "Those pictures that I saw in the dream were real, so long as I not awaken, but they were only dream-pictures.")  So, when a given individual really awakens and sees this world AS IT IS, outside of or other than his private world, then he will look back to that old objective state and say, "What a dream!  What a dream!  We were sound asleep and walking dreamers!  Giving values to images in our own respective private worlds that looked 'out there,' that appeared so substantive""


These two paragraphs are very full of wisdom.  What I take from it is this.  Think about yours dreams while sleeping.  When you wake up and re-orient yourself to this objective world does the dream not become foggy in your mind?  Do your memories from earlier years in your life seem foggy?  For me they are, but that could be the effects of heavy drug use I don't know, maybe people see their past experiences clear as today.  Some are quite vivid still I guess.  Anyways, I can only go off of my perceptions.   It could be that the reason the dream appears foggy to us in this world is because our consciousness in this material world is foggy.  It would seem that the dream world is closer to reality than this material world and all spiritual schools of knowledge support this.  Our consciousness being so attached to this waking life flips it around on us.  So everything seems to point to us simply not having evolved the correct faculties and instruments to function correctly in that world.  Nor have we evolved the faculties to function with efficiency in this world either.  The reality is that we are still beings in our infant stages, having recently (relatively speaking) crossed the threshold from the involutionary stage to evolutionary (racially speaking).  We have built the form up, now we must learn how to manipulate it correctly.

What Vitvan seems to say is that if we were to see this world as it TRULY IS, then we would see that this is the true dream world.  It is not really the ENVIRONMENT to concentrate on, but man's CONSCIOUSNESS and how he uses his consciousness to perceive the objective world.  From my own experience of consciousness evolution I can say this.  That when I gather a mental image of myself and my mind from a year ago as I was new to my personal journey, I see a lot of cloudiness.  I see someone who thought he was at the forefront of knowledge and was becoming enlightened.  How foolish I was.  Even if I were to look at myself from three months ago or read what I wrote, I say to myself how dumb I sound.

The point is that everything is relative to your position.  You look out into this objective world and you project out into it and attach and identify with "things".  Is dreaming really any different from 'waking' life?  The reality is that it isn't.  When I have sex in a dream it feels just as good (if not better) as it does on this plane.  You are simply using a lower level of consciouness on this plane, a little more crystallized.  Your subconscious (closer to source and thus truth) controls the mind in the dream world while the conscious mind (farthest away from source/truth) operates in the objective material world.  I've seen it put this way, 'in the physical world, space is real and time is imaginary and in the etheric world, time is real and space is imaginary'.

The two planes are merely different levels of consciousness within yourself.  Just as you a year ago and today are simply different levels of conscious WITHIN yourself.  This is why the case for humility must be made.  If you look at yourself a year ago and think about how dumb you seemed, what did the illuminated man or person who is at your stage of consciousness (back then) think of you?  This pridefulness then bars you from receiving the teachings of the illuminated man most likely as well.

What Vitvan is trying to say in my opinion is that this light energy is moving too fast for our level of consciousness to perceive it.  We do the best we can with our current evolved faculties and identify it as we will.  What we see is not reality.  When we become aware of this fact by raising our consciousness we will see just how asleep we were.

Again this is why identification must be done away with.  One can never see truth until he opens his mind and heart.  One can never be free unless he opens himself to new ideas.  We must bend ourselves to see the truth.  There is no spoon (there is no material world).  There is no other way.  This is the very reason why we should be so concerned with how we expend our energy.  Put our energy into whatever it is that helps us to evolve.  One's current level of energy might be low, but he must fight this.  Realize that the conscious work that we put in will raise our level of energy allowing us to push the envelope further.

It might look bleak as of where we stand now.  We don't see the road to paradise.  But we must realize that the road is treacherous and meandering.  It must be taken slowly.  Going fast not only does one no good, it is detrimental.  We are all builders and the freemason must lay one brick at a time to build his temple.  If the fire burns bright enough within we will find the truth.

I've got a bunch of new books by this illuminated character Vitvan.  I'll be diving into them and most likely posting some more of his ideas and concepts.  Please take these interpretations of this Vitvan's gnosis simply as how I see it.  This type of knowledge is hard to translate and using the wrong language can completely skew the teaching.  Please know that I am trying to be careful and that I am still learning myself.

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