Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Esotericism with Vernon Howard

"If you look long enough at what frightens you it will get frightened and run away."

"In the absence of self-betrayal, no one can betray you.  If you know a panther when you see one, do you play around with it?"
Self betrayal is careless ignorance of one's own mind.  It means one has not exposed certain illusions which make him gullible to others.  A person who gets hurt in his relations with the opposite sex must see many facts.  Such as his intense desire for the other person closes his eyes to the other person's self serving schemes.

"Running away from a crisis is not the same as running towards reality.  A realization of this allows us to use troubles to end troubles."
This is explained by the man who tries to row out of the whirlpool, he reaches the edge and stops rowing but is still caught and will get sucked back in.  The crisis will end when he refuses temporary comfort for permanent freedom.  He must cross the edge into calm water.  People are more eager to relieve stress than to examine and end its cause.

"If you want to know where you are living from damaging self-images, notice where you are most easily offended."

"A change in exterior circumstances does not change a man's spiritual level, for a pygmy of a mountain top is still a pygmy."

"Hide nothing, protect nothing, and you are as carefree as a sparrow in the sky.  This is beauty in action.  You don't have to take thought about yourself, for there in no artificial self screaming for protection.  You walk in and out of any human situation as you please, having nothing to win or lose.  This is because you won the invisible prize."

"Cause and effect occupy the same place.  Cause is not in another person's rude behavior towards you, with the disturbing effect inside you.  Both cause and effect are within the person feeling the disturbance.  The individuals response contains both cause and effect."

"Tension is caused by opposing desires.  Only an understanding of vanity pleasing desire can end tension."

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