Thursday, January 14, 2010

More "Atomic Suicide" Quotes

From Walter Russell's book "Atomic Suicide":

"When a solid is sufficiently expanded, it becomes invisible.  It also gradually loses all weight in respect to the gravity of the earth and rises into space to seek pressures equal to its own.  When it thus finds and equilibrium of pressure, it will float."

"Electricity is divided into its opposite expressions which term positive and negative.  Positive electricity thrusts spirally inward from without to wind up light into an incandescent ball located at the apex of a cone.  Negative electricity thrusts spirally outward from within to unwind light into space in the direction of the base of a cone.
Positive electricity, gravitation and contraction are the integration of matter, while negative electricity, radiation and expansion disintegrates matter into space."

'Light and darkness are merely a question of contraction and expansion.'

"Sunlight is the result of contraction into intense motion while the darkness of space is the result of expansion into an almost motionless very long wave state."

"All things are.  Nothing new comes into existence.  Universal energy is constant.  Nothing is added to it or subtracted from it.  Its apparent changes are but interchanges."

"Nature multiplies by dividing.  She adds by subtracting.  She re-gives what she has been given.  As Nature, including man, changes its thought patterns existent material forms and combinations are transformed into the forms and dimensions of transformed thoughts."

"Creation is, therefore, a two-way process in which destruction of one form of matter must balance its construction into another form, the form alone being destroyed.  Each is but an opposite phase of the same thing."

Nature says to man:  "I am a balanced, two way reciprocating unit.  Emulate my balanced two-way actions and your works will endure forever; otherwise I shall destroy them as I shall destroy all unbalance."

"If we could see the whole two ways of entire cycles of motion (visible/invisible), God might as well not have created the universe of cause and effect at all.  We would know it for what it is and would see both cause and effect at once.  There would be no actors in the divine drama of creation for we would see the illusion of it and know there is no universe of motion - nor of life and death - nor of good or evil - nor of any of the opposites which comprise every effect of motion."

"If our senses could detect the invisible reaction to every action, there would be no sense of time - nor motion - nor change - for everything would seemingly stand still.  Every motion in one direction would be voided by its opposite.  Even time would stand still.  Its backwards flow would void its forward flow.  If our senses could detect the backward flow of time, there would be no sequence to anything - hence time itself would disappear."

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