Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quote from Walter Russell - Atomic Suicide

"God's Mind centers all things, all minerals, all vegtables, all animals, and every cell which constitutes their bodies.  He gives life and purposefulness to all things.  Bodies acquire awareness of purpose only through electrical messages of command from Mind which centers them for no body could otherwise move, survive or fulfill its purpose without being centered and polarized by Mind"

So now I want to look at this from the standpoint of man.  Obviously man is not balanced.  He has free will to separate from God's will but he also has his source in God.  I look at it as though God sends his perfect message to us and we must send our's back to Him.  We inevitably send him an unbalanced, selfish picture which he in turn must work to balance again.  There is constant struggle within because one is going against the will of God.  If there was no centering from God we would instantly die.  The circle is whole and balanced.  The square is the crystalized cube.  It as if it has broken off from the whole.  When we are against God's will and fight against Him this is when we become crystallized or compartmentalized.  When some cells start working contrary to the ultimate purpose disease springs up.  Disease brings death if it is not re-balanced.  So crystalization is essentially moving away from God and the divine purpose.  The lack of fluidity or ability to move brings death, which is returning to the stillness of God.  The ideal goal is for this crystalization to happen at the end of a complete cycle.  If crystalization occurs early in life it is usually due to one becoming selfish and veering off away from God.  This is an unfinished cycle which logically means it must be repeated to see if one has learned from the mistakes made previously to move further along.

Moving from from animal to man is like a young boy taking off the training wheels on his bike.  He is getting to be free for the first time.  With this freedom comes risk and the posibility of pain.  The animal only feels physical pain.  Man feels physical pain along with the pain of consequence due to attaining self consciousness.  As he becomes more self conscious he begins to learn right from wrong.  The animal only relates to the body, man has his mind and can effect others with emotions as well.  The animal cannot transcend, he is what he is.  He cannot become genius.  Man has the ability to become as much as he desires to be.  This can only be done though by coming in line, in balance with his source, the still magnetic center where God resides.  In my mind I see it as God sending a straight line to man (from his centered domain) and man must transcend the poles finding the center sending back a straight line to God.  However, unbalanced man finding himself somewhere between the two poles but not in the center would send a beam of light that was off center (or 0).  God always sends out a balanced thought but man unless he finds the center is sending unbalanced thoughts to God.  He must find the objective center.

Another way of looking at it:  Man is separated from God as a circle and eventually becomes wholly separate with no connection becoming square, completely crystalized.  This is what you had in ancient times when man was a literal beast.  Today you will still see many a beastly man but you also see some geniuses who are shedding the crystalized body, the crystalized thinking that the body is man and he starts to revert back to the shape of a balanced perfect circle.  He understands that the electrical, material world of motion that he sees is but an illusion and that the true nature is one magnetic stillness, empty and full at the same time.

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