Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Fire Inside

The soul waits patiently yet yearning to be released from it's objectified prison.  The fire burns bright but on the human level a lack of focus stifles this desire from being realized.  The fire, it blazes in the center of the system, the heart.  The lack of focused, one-pointed will sees that it's efforts result in an ever expanding prison.  Instead of the explosion or radiation that is needed occurring, the soul makes his feeble attempts but the electric world wins out every time.

The soul makes a run for it but he did not plan thoroughly enough for the escape attempt and is thus thwarted.  Back to the big house he goes.  The edges produce heat but not enough and soon crystallization ensues.  Each effort tests the soul's moxie and resilience.  There are dark nights when he wants to give up, when he cannot see even a speck of light.  But then there are times when he reaches the edge and gets a taste of freedom and liberation, his destiny is set, he cannot give up his dream.  The hunger it hurts but it will never cease until his gold is found.

He needs time.  He must do the proper work.  He must create the correct matrix or blueprint.  He must see himself as a free soul and create this vision.  He cannot overstep or supersede nature's processes.  One day the fire will burn bright enough and the dark star will explode revealing the trued stone, the light within.  He is on a journey to the center of all that is and he will know when he arrives.  Instead for now he shall only crystallize, while expanding his awareness day by day until his story is complete

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