Thursday, February 18, 2010

Journey through Matter

"There is no desire in matter to hold itself together with other matter" - Walter Russell

We are in state that is not natural to us.  There is absolutely no point where we become content in this world and say, 'I think I enjoy it 'down' here, I think I want to build a permanent house and retire.'  It's not reality, our eyes are veiled.  Inside we are forever fighting to unite with the One, Absolute that we sprung from.  However, the spark must become a flame for this to occur.  Unity is stillness, it is balance, oneness.

There was something Vitvan said that put a concept in a different light for me.  You cannot push a person past their present level of consciousness, he says.  'You cannot wake up the sheeple.'  They don't want to be awoken and they are not ready to be awoken in reality.  We are all at a certain level in our evolution.  Part of our purpose here is to find out this level.  There will be many falls if you don't have a base point for your position in this grand cosmic unfolding.  One can't just read a book and figure out the secrets to the world and become a 4th degree initiate.  We are at a certain level, the seed is unfolding how it was meant to.  If one tries to force it's hand (letting your PERSONAL will take over) then this is akin to going too slowly or being rather oblivious to the process.  How hard it is it to say, "Spirit, take the keys and drive."  This is essentially nothing less than self annihilation.  But it must occur if we seek to ascend.  There is no "you" and only perpetuating this fallacy digs the whole deeper.  We must step back and let it all unfold and let the mayaistic veil fall down.

Part of the problem in this equation is the pride that inevitably rises.  When one becomes conscious of his position he is likely to say, "wow - look at all these sheep that are completely asleep...I am awake."   tell yourself that you are on the forefront of evolution.  God has chosen you as one of the promised!  Your center starts to rise up and your head becomes quite large.  You start to look at the common folk with disdain.  By propping yourself up on the pedestal you have now created an equal, opposite opposing force to rise up and knock you back down to square one.  This is why the pious mystics preach humility above all other virtues.  Without it on the path I it seems that most journeys would be quite slow and much like that of the ordinary soul making the spiral trek.

The law of rhythm is very much at work.  One is in a world of electric polarity and there will thus be equal number of ups and downs.  However one doesn't have to play the game.  When one feels that lightness, that ecstasy rising up he doesn't have to take the bait and ride the high like a strung out junkie.  See it for what it is, feel it inside rising up - but watch one's self as you keep your feet on the ground.  When the inevitable fall comes back around we don't have to become depressed either.  Again see it for what it is - it is the downturn of the cycle.  One might not feel as active, as vibrant as he did on the other side but he doesn't have to stop his life or his progression towards his destiny.  Do we cease living during the winter?  We don't have to hibernate like the bear.  Is life as exciting and easy going?  For a lot of us it isn't but being cognizant of cycles we know that the summer will soon come again, that the sun will rise again.  Further more, we know that all is one, that there is no summer or winter.  Neither is good or bad, they are objectively what they are.  Putting our personal spin on it does nothing but harm ourselves.  There is no spoon.

Walter Russell says stretching a piece of elastic rubber is equivalent to nature's processes.

Take a piece elastic rubber.  Stretch it out.  What happens?  The one is stretched out into a sort of dualistic state.  Tensions are created.  Does it simply stay there with the tensions?  No, on its own accord it eventually returns to the single state of balance.  Another way to look at this:  To get the motion (this being a microcosm for all cycles) started an outside force must start it, but see that the rubber (substitute man/soul) works it's way back to the state of unity by itself.  The motion is started and the process must go on until unity/original state is achieved.  There is no further hands on guidance needed.  Any outside help would in fact disrupt the process.

So now think about it in terms of personal will and God's will.  God was the hand that first stretched the rubber sparking the universe into motion (existence).  We can say that a piece God was carried inside the many that were split into motion (one becomes two but remains inherently one).  When one tries to force his destiny, when he tries to take over and control the unfolding of the seed he is disrupting the process.  One is causing an unbalance in a path that is based in math.  From the start there was a certain path that the seed/soul was to take.  When we take over we veer off of this objective (set) path.  When you take over, you are fighting against nature, you are fighting truth.  This is when the uprisings, symptoms, diseases occur.  One is not affecting just himself, he is affecting the natural order of everything that is.  The spirit within is trying to tell us through the symbol of the body that we are hurting it, we are going against it's desire for ultimate liberation.  That set path is the fast track to this very liberation.  Fortunately, we have no real power, God has all the power and can overcome us.  He lets us have the free will but when we veer too far off of His set course He can and will extinguish you.

Russell says to stop thinking that there are opposite directions or forces.  Opposite forces that go away from each other could not unite.  All are but divided sexes seeking to come back together in union.

"The normal condition of this universe is a rest condition.  Motion is a created effect which emerges from rest and returns to it.  This universe of motion might be likened to a quiet pool into which a stone has been thrown.  The normal quiet of the pool has been disturbed by a force. The normal quiet will return without the aid of force.  There is no opposite force which causes the return to normal balance"

Think about yourself being sprung out from the stillness at birth into this objective world.  You're sitting on a pole, with much unrest.  That motion that shot you to this pole will produce an equal, opposite reaction just as the elastic rubber does.  You interfere with this process by getting too attached to this pole, this illusionary objective world.  You're on a path of experience and you don't have to do anything.  This is the teaching of the Tao.  Put your faith in God and let Christ take over.

Now the map is not the territory.  Can we follow the map and traverse the territory correctly and find our boon at the end of the journey???  What a beautiful concept. 

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