Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thought of the Moment

We often have a new experiences and try to fit them into the framework of the world that we have already created.  We limit ourselves by confining a transcendent idea to the box that we have created based on past experiences.  Instead of letting the new idea free=flow into what it truly is we distort it trying to fit it into our present worldview.  Don't deny new experiences and ideas because your language has nothing that can categorize or define.  Stop labeling yourself, stop committing yourself to a certain path.  Let the seed unfold as it desires.  Let the new ideas flow like water.  Be the passive observer. 

In a sense, I think what I am saying is don't be afraid to think abstractly.  This is the only true way to evolve that I can see, it is a process of expansion.  You will get called crazy because you deal in terms of energy and things unseen by the materialist but who cares what they think.  You're showing the person who lives in a box that he is a slave.  He is afraid of what his peers will think of him.  He is afraid to step out of the normal patterns of society and stand alone.  You are not though, you are comfortable being the eagle who soars ever higher barely visible to those who dwell below on the ground.  Eventually your abstract thinking will reach a point where you know based on your feeling, based on your personal experience and developed intuition.

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