Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Force vs. Matter

I've been reading some more Vitvan books.  The latest one has allowed me to see some things a different way.  The book is called "Self-Mastery Through Meditation". 

So behind all matter is a force.  There are lines of force that are the building blocks or the structure behind our material bodies.  "God geometrizes" he says.  Think about a magnet that arranges iron fillings into geometrical patterns.  Everything in the "differentiated" or non-absolute world arranges this way. 

I will look at it like this.  We have a vision of ourselves that we create.  This is the positive action or force.  This is the geomatrization.  Except our thinking is out of balance and so we create unbalanced archetypes or structures.  The material world is that which fills this mind construct we have of ourselves (makes it OBJECTive).  It is passive or negative.  The material body is simply an extension of the force.  The material body is only unbalanced because the mental construct that created it was unbalanced.  This is why it is considered passive.  The material body cannot bypass the force of the lower self will that created it and go to the source or true Self to become perfectly balanced.  It is passively resigned to that of the lower will.  So in essence you are not the body, but you are also not the lower self - these are only extensions along the descending chain. 

So we talk about finding or becoming the higher Self.  It is taught that we do this by becoming still.  I have quoted a lot William Law and Jacob Boehme.  Their way of expressing this is to say die to the self will and become nothing to yourself.  Fall in line with God's Will.  So to me in putting all of this together, you become nothing to your mind.  You stop all bodily movement, you stop all thinking, lose all desires, etc.  You become unconscious of yourself.  In doing so you lose that force that created the unbalanced body.  The canvas becomes blank.  You have wiped the slate clean.  The errant structure you created becomes a vacuum.  This is where the Higher Self or God comes in and can input His template.  His perfect thinking can now become manifest in the lower worlds.  The Word becomes flesh.

I will now quote the section that stimulated me into writing the above paragraphs:

"The field determines the action.  All that exists follows that 'law.'  Even the pattern of your thoughts, your desires, your feelings, your feel-knowings are determined by some field, a field differentiated out of the Mother Substance. 
This is an important point to catch on to.  If, in the emerging process, we come to a stage where we experience that urge to transcend the slower expanding process then we need to stop all effort.  We need to be still and know.  That knowing is on the field level.  Do not turn to the aristotelian manifold of values to understand that statement.  I am not talking about getting the 'body' still, although that is part of it.  Right now I am focused on stilling any action that is self-conscious:  feeling, desiring, loving or thinking.  To cooperate with that urge to accelerate the process we must bring all self-conscious action into a state of abeyance.  If we can do that then That which motivates all action will appear in the consciousness.
Think of drawing all the air out of a bottle until we create a vacuum.  When there is the least opportunity that vacuum will release and fill the bottle with air.  In the same way the differentiating Power of the unifying process (at whatever state) will occupy the consciousness the moment you refrain from all self-conscious action.  So be still.  Ultimately, with no effort, It is there.  And that is what we mean when we say, "The Power with which we seek is the Power for which we are seeking."

Thank you Vitvan.

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