Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Divine Illiad

Below are quotes from Walter Russell's book, "The Divine Illiad".  These are teachings he received during his 27 day illumination in which he had so-called "360 degree illumination."  There are also great practical lesson in both volumes.  Hope you enjoy!

"The toxemia of unbalance is man's only ailment.  There is no other ailment.  Therefore, give him balance."

"Body hath no existence.  It is but motion and motion existeth not."

"All creating forms are but spectrum waves of dual light of My electric thinking.  Forms are illusions produced by the motion of light-waves.  Light waves springeth from imagined extension of My thinking."

"Wave of dual light of My thinking are not My Light, nor are they Me.  They extendeth from Me to manifest My knowing and My power, as the lever extendeth from the fulcrum to mainfest the power which is in the fulcrum.  But the lever is not the fulcrum nor is the dual light of electric thinking Me."

"Electric waves of motion, which are My body, are electrically sensed with an awareness of each other.  Senses are wave mirrors which reflect their ever changing condition to every other wave in My whole universal body, and all of its extensions."

"Senses are mirrors which intercommunicate with each other by reflecting their light into - and through - each other.  Thus are all of my creations, reflections of Me and of each other.  Man calleth the reflected interchange between the senses 'an electric current'"

"Man's early aeons of living for sensing alone - with but little thinking - and lesser knowing - bred fear, selfishness, and greed in his body."

"When thinking My knowing with Me, he (man) findeth Balance in Me to void the pairs of opposites of his unbalanced thinking and is made whole by find rest in Me."

"All idea of My thinking is divided into pairs of opposites unbalanced conditions."

"Male sex and female sex are opposite unbalance conditions of the one idea of man.  These two opposed conditions void each other by finding rest from motion in each other."

"Opposite unbalanced conditions are as a lever in motion swinging from its still fulcrum.  In the fulcrum is the one unchanging condition of Balance from which the two changing unbalanced conditions extend."

"So long as the lever swingeth in motion its opposites are unbalanced.  When the swinging of the lever ceaseth, the lever is balanced in the stillness of the fulcrum."

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