Thursday, March 18, 2010

Frequency Affinity

So I've learned this concept many times from multiple sources and I grasped the knowledge to a point but I see how I truly never had an understanding.  I feel as though now I have an even better understanding of how we function.

I've learned that if you rise to a certain level you cannot be affected by those on a lower level.  If you're on a higher frequency level then those on lower levels do not affect you, you don't even register it.  It's the same concept of why we don't see the higher dimensions, because our neurons I guess do not register the faster moving wavelengths.

Vitvan puts this (and most concepts) in a whole new light.  So think about it like this.  See the world as a bunch of cosmic processes.  Don't see everything as originating with you or as being your thoughts, desires, etc.  See yourself as radio who can turn into different frequencies.  This made me have a eureka type moment.  If you have some type of anger towards someone it means that you picked up that frequency from the cosmic process because you still function on that level/frequency.  If you had eliminated that lower nature you would not pick up these lower frequencies like hate, envy, pride, etc. 

It's all about the value we give to something.  When we're on that higher level we're un-attached and we don't move when someone cries racism or hate.  We don't have any of that inside of us and we also don't lower ourselves to their level and give sympathy.  We can empathize as in understanding what they are going through because we were once on that level, but we won't participate in the pity party because we have evolved past that point and it would be a disservice to everyone to go back to those levels.

Here is a quote from "The Christos" to end on:

"As you know one cannot register a wave or frequency, characterized by a certain quality, unless he has first cultivated and incorporated an affinity for it in his own psychic-nature.  This harks back to that point we stress so much for a beginner in the instruction: this blaming this, that and the other person for what happens to him.  The idea that nothing can happen to you, that you can't even register the frequency, unless a similar quality is in yourself must be accepted as a matter of course, as elementarily axiomatic."

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