Monday, March 8, 2010

Walter Russell - Thought of the Moment

From "Atomic Suicide" -

"You must, also, know that every action in human life, or throughout Nature, is an attempt (or even an experiment) in manifesting the law.  Such an attempt may be well out of balance and result in discomfort or catastrophy for man or Nature.  The reaction, however, is a fulfillment of the law.  The reaction restores balance always.  The free will of man to create chaos, or of Nature to create a cyclone, are equal, but his free will, or Nautre's, are limited to the action.  The reactions belong to the zero universe of eternal, unchangeable expansion.  Unbalanced actions of teh transient can in now way affect the eternal, for the eternal is forever omnipresent within the transient.  Creation is, therefore, but a multiplicity of compressed pairs of moving units within an omnipresent expansion, which are forever maintaining a great effort to continue their compressed conditions.  The moment they cease to maintain the two levels thus required of them to live, they find rest in the one from which they seemingly divided themselves into two to manifest the one.  Compression multiplies energy expansion.  Expansion takes care of itself, for maximum expansion is CAUSE.  No energy is needed for matter to die.  It is needed only to live.


So in essence you have your half of creation to do whatever you want with.  You have the free will to break the law or you can abide by it.  Obviously finding exact balance is something that takes experimentation.  The more you fail or break the law the closer you will come to balance, if you are consciously participating in your half of creation.  All you have to do is do your part and let God bring about the effect of your cause.  Put in your work and detach and watch your desires manifest.  Once you have attained balance there would be no distinguishing your half from God's half.  You would be doing God's work.  Cause and effect are the same thing.  You cannot distinguish one from the other if there were no rifts in the cycle.  God's cause is your effect, your effect is God's cause.  When you start working on God's level doing his will there is no separation.  "I and my Father are One."  After all of your experimenting using your personal will you have developed enough knowledge to let go and let God do His work.  Thy will be done, not mine.  This is why you can't say creation began, because it can't end.  There are no poles.  They are only a construct of this illusionary world.  They validate God's law.  The two are truely one.  Only God exists, only the eternal now exists.  

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