Friday, March 5, 2010

Life Gets In the Way

Man is the question and the answer to the problem.  This world is but a reflection of our inner self, our state of consciousness.  Everyone of us vibrates on our own unique frequency with our own special place in the unfoldment of the Spirit.  We create our problems and downfall and we must work our way back up to the throne through a process of atonement with the Spirit, the All in All.

It's easy to solely get caught up in seeking enlightenment.  You tell yourself that you are inherently spirit, you are not the form, only the essence.  You wish to leave this world and take up back your place on the throne in heaven.  Is there any difference in this way of life and the way of the dogmatic, Christian deist?  You get comfortable in your new found knowledge and awakening and crystalize these patterns just as you did your old materialistic ones.

It is hard to be like the free flowing Spirit, the winding river which goes on and on and on, never becoming stagnant or stopping for a rest.  We are all searching for an end.  It is easiest to tell ourselves that man as he is is the end and that there is nothing else so might as well eat, drink and be merry.

But what happens when man admits that he is shell of his potential self?  He must admit to himself that he has been wrong all along.  He must become vulnerable.  He must open himself up to pain and suffering because he now seeks to know something bigger than himself.  He must right the wrongs of his past doing.  For finding the path he does not now simply claim a golden ticket a waltz into heaven.  No, there is much work to be done.

This work is to be done here on earth.  The goal is not escape and run off to heaven, ride along the yellow brick road following the sunsest down into the abyss.  Man must work without the sound of hammer, building himself into a greater and greater being.  He must bring the Sprit down into this level.  He must transcend this layer so that one could not tell the difference between here and heaven.  There is but one.  He must make the Word flesh.

So stop running away.  We know that if we run from our fears and repressions that they eventually will catch up to us.  We know that if we stand there in the face of the storm with courage and strength that the bad dragon will soon topple over in like a puppy dog.

We must remember the dragon is simply part of our lower nature.  When controlled or made conscious it becomes a great asset for us.  Horus must become whole once again in his father Osirus, he must pick up the pieces and mend the lower and higher natures as was in heaven before the fall.

The veil must be lifted.  We have created an illusion, a blanket that covers our eyes to the truth.  If we want to remain asleep we can continue to play our games and follow our own selfish will.  Or we can commence the great work within our being and slowly lift the veil.

This world is not physical, we are not things or objects.  Everything is there own individualized energy system working within a larger energy system.  All that we see is a mental projection.  Our fallen nature has produced faulty senses that are not adept enough to register but the slowest, densest frequencies.  Because of our lack of perceptive vision we are forced to label everything as objects.  If we could only evolve our faculties, unleash the latent potential within we could the world for what it truely is.

If you read the works of the enlightened masters, the adepts, the high level initiates, the initiators you will see that there are people well more advanced along the path than you.  That you are still battling your lower nature and working out karma where they have already become immortals, they are one with their Father.

Once one finds this position it seems that he can start to begin moving farther along and up.  We are able to stop going up and having great highs and then crashing down and having the low lows erasing all or much of the progress we had accomplished. 

What is one of the biggest hurdles if not the biggest?  We seek to tell people about the great truths you have come across.  We seek to set people straight and put them in their place when they make ingnorant statements or maybe they are very egotisical while being clueless about the true nature of the world.  What we miss is that we ourselves when putting these people in their place are becoming unconsciously egotistical.  And whatever one is unconscious of controls that given one.  Then one is back where he started and the new found knowledge does him no good.  We must not forget that not a year ago you were in your ignorant peer's position.

What does this equate to?  Our seeking is selfish.  We seek to hold ourselves in high esteem, we seek the comfort of money and success.  Where if we know the inherent truths behind it all, there is but One, we would crawl into a hole.  Our goal should not be to find comfort and rest, we can do so when we sleep.  We should seek to lift our fellow souls higher than they currently are.  So a big part of this is knowing your place in the scheme of evolution and thus then knowing where everyone else stands.  If we don't have this base then we should stop worrying about others and focus on bending ourselves.

Many of us are selfish, more than we know and want to admit.  This is what keeps us from the hallowed heights that few have reached.  We must raise our vibrational frequencies to that of the Father.  Our Father selflessly gave His life for us and now we must mirror his gift.  For every giving, there must be an equal re-giving.

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