Monday, December 7, 2009

Esotericism with Vernon Howard

Some esoteric quotes from Vernon Howard:

"Any action that is truly right for you, is truly right for another.  And what is truly wrong for you is also harmful to your neighbor.  You are not separate from your neighbor except on the physical level.  Any action that fails to develop your own inner strength is useless to others.  If a lighthouse is to help passing ships, its own light must radiate into the fog."

Admission to Reality (in regards to people feeling attacked by the truth)
"He is unaware how he clings to the source of his own misery.  For example, when with others, he insists upon conforming to the popular opinion of how he should behave.  The real man is not present at all.  He fights fiercely to retain his stage role because he knows no other way to act before others.  The though of being caught without memorized words and movements is so terrifying he instantly rejects everything which seems to threaten him.  What will help him become real?  He can run out of places to run.  AT first this will seem worse, but he finally glimpses something.  He sees how abandonment of the costume pays for admission to the real man inside."

"Whoever tastes an apple for himself will never need to ask others about its flavor."

"Having no self centeredness, (an agile mind) wastes no time and energy wondering how a situation might be hurtful or beneficial.  Having no interference from anxious thoughts, it simply acts.  When meeting a troubled person it acts wisely, not falling under the influence of the other's gloom.  When confronted by a new challenge it walks right into it and out again, unharmed, for it knows that harm comes only by fearing a challenge."

"Anguish is nothing more than a mental movie which the sufferer carelessly permits to run through his mind.  Where there is no mental movie there can be no anguish."  - Break the mental movie and you will see the anguish ceases and you will see a different person inside.

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