Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thought of the Moment

Man must become thinking plant.  This demands that he balance himself between heaven in earth.  The plant is unthinking has no self conscious or desire body.  It simply has a dense body and a vital body.  It's consciousness is essentially dreamless sleep when related to the human.  The plant is rooted in the earth and receives sunlight from without to keep it vital.  Man while grounded by gravity, has no roots like the plant.  He has the choice to leave the earth and lose his grounding in reality and become delusional.  He receives light from without just as the plant does for sustenance.  Unlike the plant, man is able to attain sunlight from within as well.  This is not forced upon him as God or the Light is a detached God.  When man comes to God seeking the light within God will fulfill his wish and give him knowledge.  Man has a choice to seek the light out and fill his soul with it but he must also remain grounded to the earth therefore forming a balance union of heaven and earth.

The Spirit wishes to fill you and work through you but you must first attain the knowledge that this is the path to fulfillment of destiny, the completion of the cycle.  So man can become to spiritual and lose his grounding on this earth, loose sight that the purpose for being on this earth is to experience it and perfect it along the way.  Most men will simply see the material world as all there is and ever will be.  They will be forever unbalanced until they are able to absorb the knowledge of the reality of the spiritual world.  All in nature must attain balance.  The plant is in balance always because it has no free will to choose to go against God's will.  But it also lacks the self consciousness that man has the gift of experiencing.

This relates to a story Jesus told.  He talked of two sons who each inherited half of their father's fortune.  One son chose to go off on his own and leave town and squandered all the inheritance in over indulgence.  The other son stayed at home and did everything perfectly and never sinned.  When the son was down and out dealing with famine he decided he would return home to his Father.  Upon return his Father celebrated joyously.  He said they would have a feast of great proportions.  The good son came to his father wondering why he himself had not once had a feast in his honor yet he had done good every step of the way.  His Father said to his son that he had forever been with his Father.  He had always been in his heart and that his brother was dead.  He was lost but now was found.

What is this story trying to say?  To me it says that there is no reward for staying home.  If you stay home there is never a chance to fail.  There is nothing ever truly gained when you stay home and take no risk.  The son who left home gained much through experience.  With this knowledge he could turn it into wisdom and be reborn.  One who was good all throughout his life and suddenly does something bad, could never be considered good, for he never had the chance to do bad before.  The person who does bad all his life and then finally does good can now be considered good because he has seen both sides and has made the CHOICE to do good.  We must celebrate those who leave the Father's house and take risks and not condemn them if they fail.  We must celebrate the fact that they set in hopes of trying to gain experience and eventually we know that they will bring the boon back to save the rest of us as long he never gives up no matter how many times he fails.  If the Father praised the son who stayed at home there would be no push towards evolution.  Rewards must come only through risk taking when the outcome is in doubt.  This is what pushes humanity onward toward becoming balanced and one with heaven and earth. 

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