Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jacob Boehme - Regeneration of Man

Like I said yesterday, I am pretty ecstatic to have found a bunch of writings by Jacob Boehme, the 15th century mystic.  The guy worked in a shoe shop and in his spare time wrote stuff life this:

17. THE outward World with the Stars and four Elements, wherein Man and all Creatures live, neither is, nor is called God.  Indeed God dwelleth in it, but the Substance of the outward World comprehendedeth him not.
18. We see also that the Light shineth in Darkness, and the Darkness comprehendeth not the Light, and yet they both dwell in one another.  The four Elements are also an Example of this; which in their Original are but one Element, which is neither hot nor cold, nor dry, nor moist; and yet by its stirring separateth itself into Four Properties, viz. into Fire, Air, Water, and Earth.
19. Who would believe that Fire produceth or generateth Water?  And that the Original of Fire could be in Water, if we did not see it with our Eyes in Tempests of Thunder, Lightening, and Rain; and did not find also, that in living Creatures, the essential Fire of the Body dwelleth in the Blood, and that the Blood is the Mother of the Fire, and the Fire the Father of the Blood.
20. And as God dwelleth in the World, and filleth all Things, and yet possesseth nothing; and as the Fire dwelleth in Water, and yet possesseth it not: Also, as the Light dwelleth in Darkness, and yet possesseth not the Darkness; as the Day is in the Night, and the Night in the Day, Time in Eternity, and Eternity in Time; so is Man created according to the outward Humanity; he is the Time, and in the Time, and the Time is the outward World, and it is also the outward Man.
21. The inward Man is Eternity and the Spiritual Time and World, which also consisteth of Light and Darkness, viz. of the Love of God, as to the eternal Light, and of the Anger of God as to the eternal Darkness; whichsoever of these is manifest in him, his Spirit dwelleth in that, be it Darkness or Light.
22. For Light and Darkness are both in him, but each of them dwelleth in itself, and neither of them possesseth the other; but if one of them entereth into the other, and will possess it, then that other loseth its Right and Power.
23. The passive loseth its Power; for if the Light be made manifest in the Darkness, then the Darkness loseth its Darkness, and is not known or discerned.  Also on the contrary, if the Darkness arise in the Light and get the upper-hand, then the Light and the Power thereof are extinguished.  This is to be observed also in Man.
24. The Eternal Darkness of the Soul is Hell, viz. an aching Source of Anguish, which is called the Anger of God; but the Eternal Light in the Soul is the Kingdom of Heaven, where the fiery Anguish of Darkness is changed into Joy.
25. For the same Nature of Anguish, which in the Darkness is a Cause of Sadness, is in the Light a Cause of the outward and stirring Joy.   For the Source or Original in Light, and the Source in Darkness are but one Eternal Source, and one Nature, and yet they, viz. the Light and Darkness, have a mighty Difference in the Source; the one dwelleth in the other and begetteth the other, and yet is not the other.  The Fire is painful and consuming, but the Light is yielding, friendly, powerful, and delightful, a sweet and amiable Joy.
26. This may be found also in Man; he is and liveth in three Worlds; the First is the Eternal dark World, viz. the Centre of the Eternal Nature, which produceth or generateth the Fire, viz. the Source or Property of Anguish.
27. The Second is the Eternal light World, which begetteth the Eternal Joy, which is the Divine Habitation wherein the Spirit of God dwelleth, and wherein the Spirit of Christ receiveth the human Substance, and subdueth the Darkness, so that it must be a Cause of Joy in the Spirit of Christ in the Light.
28. The Third is the outward visible World in the four Elements and the visible Stars; though indeed every Element hath its peculiar Constellation in itself, whence the Desire and Property arise, and is like a Mind.
29. Thus you may understand, that the Fire in the Light is a Fire of Love, a Desire of Meekness and Delightfulness; but the Fire in the Darkness is a Fire of Anguish, and is painful, irksome, inimicitious {hostile, unfriendly}and full of Contrariety in its Essence.  The Fire of the Light hath a good Relish or Taste, but the Taste in the Essence of Darkness is unpleasant, loathsome and irksome.  For all the Forms or Properties in the Eternal Nature, till they reach to Fire, are in great Anguish.    

What I realize now is how difficult walking the path truly is.  In the beginning you naively think that life will start to get easier if you raise your consciousness.  Life does get easier, you get into the flow and everything becomes more clear.  Life becomes more interesting and purposeful.  The other side is that there is an equal level of responsibility that must be maintained.  You cannot just take a day off if you really seek to attain the ultimate goal.  It is not for the lazy or weak minded.  And I can attest to the fact that you will be tempted and you will be most likely be inclinded toward pride.  You will start to think how great you are that you have learned all of these great teaching that no one else knows about.  This is the "devil" at work as Boehme says.  If you are naive and don't really know what you are doing then there is much room for error.  It is actually a dangerous proposition.  It is like walking a tight rope.  I myself became prideful and I had a major fall.  I went from a ecstatic high in one moment to the lowest low of my life.

You must let go of your pride and thinking how great you are.  As these mystics say, none of this new knowledge gained is your doing.  None of it is accomplished without the source or God.  Become selfless and acknowledge that your new found knowledge is due to the Spirit coming into you.  You must become the passive conduit for the masculine spirit to come into.

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