Monday, December 21, 2009

Stillness vs. Motion

I've been reading through "Atomic Suicide" by Walter and Lao Russell more thoroughly than I did the previous time I read it.  I also have a greater overall understanding (in my mind) of how things work, how they are ordered.  I also started reading a book by William Law titled, "Spirit of Love".  Russell comes from an extreme scientific viewpoint where Law comes from a more theistic viewpoint.  They both end up saying the same thing.  They both are describing God's universal love and both call it such.

What I learned from Russell is that God is the still fulcrum within.  Stillness is the essence of life, this is the point where all springs from.  God decided to separate himself into lower world based off of two poles.  Each of these two poles having a male and female aspect, both being positive equal opposites of the other.  When they come together they become one, or whole again.  God's stillness is the magnetic center.  The material universe we see is electric in nature.  It is based off of motion.  As Law puts it, everything seeks to achieve that which it lacks.  It seeks the other pole.  As we move away from the center atoms start to cool.  What happens is the atom becomes trapped or encased in the material body.  This is it's unnatural state and it seeks to return to it's natural state of rest.  It can do so through unification within or without.  It can achieve oneness through achieving stillness or it can die to the material world.  In death the atoms radiate from the body.  The energy is discharged completely, it returns to the magnetic center it arose from.  This is the constant cycle or expansion and contraction, life and death.

Law said something that really hit home for me.  He said to get to our current state we had to move.  We moved away from center.  We seek to return to our center and we assume that to do this we simply move back to the center.  The problem is that the inherent nature of the center is stillness.  How can we achieve the stillness we desire if we are moving?  This is where something like Tao and Quantum Mechanics come in for me.  I am not an expert or even close to on any of these things but I understand the general concepts.  Quantum Mechanics says that we can be at any place in the universe in less than the speed of light.  If this is the case why would you need to seek God and go anywhere?  If the universe is inside of you then you do not have to move anywhere.  Same thing with the Tao.  The Tao seeks to balance all of this out.  Action through inaction.  There is nothing to do.  You must simply find stillness.  Through seeking in motion we find ourselves running on the never ending treadmill.  Stuck in purgatory, not gaining anything.  We expend more energy in maintaining our illusions then we would in journeying back to center.  Death is easy, life is not.

So when esotericists say that cause creates effects and that you cannot look at an effect to KNOW something, what they are saying is that without the CAUSE there is no EFFECT.  The material body cannot just stand on it's own.  It needs a cause (spirit) first to become relevant.  God decides to create the universe so He springs his Spirit into motion.  This is not enough.  He also detaches Himself from the experience and gives living beings a soul or individuality.  The body is simply a mental image.  It is a vehicle for each soul to gain the experience it so desires.  We have all left the Father and once we gain enough experience we have the free will to come back in line with His Spirit.  We can become dead to self and KNOW Him.  We can again return home and vibrate in line with Him.  We can again know that he is the only TRUTH.  That all else (motion) is but an illusion that sprung from His stillness.

Here is how Law puts it:

"Now a Desire that cannot be stopped, nor get That which it would have, has a
threefold Contrariety, or Working in it, which you may thus conceive as follows: The first
and peculiar Property, or the one only Will of the Desire, as such, is to have That which it
has not; and all it can do toward having it is to act as if it were seizing it; and this is it
which makes the Desire to be a magic Compressing, Inclosing, or Astringing, because that
is all that it can do toward Seizing of that which it would have. But the Desire cannot thus
magically astringe, compress, or strive to inclose, without Drawing and Attracting: But
Drawing is Motion, which is the highest Contrariety and Resistance to compressing or
holding together. And thus the Desire, in its magical Working, sets out with two contrary
Properties, inseparable from one another and equal in Strength; for the Motion has no
Strength but as it is the Drawing of the Desire; and the Desire only draws in the same
Degree as it wills to compress and astringe; and therefore the Desire, as astringing, always
begets a Resistance equal to itself. Now from this great and equally strong Contrariety of
the two first Properties of the Desire, magically pulling, as I may say, two contrary Ways,
there arises as a necessary Birth from both of them, a third Property, which is emphatically
called a Wheel or whirling Anguish of Life. For a Thing that can go neither inward nor
outward, and yet must be and move under the equal Power of both of them, must whirl or
turn round; it has no Possibility of doing any Thing else or of ceasing to do that. And that
this whirling Contrariety of these inseparable Properties is the great Anguish of Life and
may properly be called the Hell of Nature; and every lesser Torment which any Man finds
in this mixed World, has all its Existence and Power from the Working of these three
Properties: For Life can find no troublesome Motions, or Sensibility of Distress, but so far
as it comes under their Power, and enters into their whirling Wheel."

Again I don't fully comprehend what he is saying here or at least I don't think I do, but my take is this.  When we go out seeking something, this motion creates equal opposition on the other side.  If we were forever moving seeking desires we would forever be in motion and thus not be in line with our true nature.  This is a world based on experience and so this structure obviously is purposeful.  This is how we learn.  Eventually we will see the errors in our seeking and will find our home at the still center.  We find ourselves trapped in between these two poles in motion.  This is the nature of our existence on this plane.  When we are in motion we are unbalanced (God is balance) and we are at the mercy of nature.  We see ourselves going round and round making the same mistakes over and over.  Seeing the same things happen again and again.  We must realize that we are simply patterns and that to move forward we must change the patterns.

God detached Himself from us and let us go out into the wilderness to fend for ourselves.  We have the free will and we create every aspect and event in our lives.  It seems as though we must now flip it around.  We must detach ourselves from the experience that God gave us and let Him take the wheel and drive.  We must complete the cycle by letting His Spirit take over and work through the vehicle that we have been using.  There is nothing separate from Him and He is the truth.  We must become dead and let His Spirit take over and born again.

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