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"End and Means" - Huxley

I'm taking a break from reading Walter Russell and reading some of "Ends and Means" by Aldous Huxley.  If you want to understand the essence or inside of how society works on all levels then this is a book you should read.  Here are some quotes with my take on it"

"Self-esteem has as its complement disparagement of others.  Vanity and pride beget contempt and hatred.  But contempt and hatred are exciting emotions-emotions from which people "get a kick."  Devotees of one national idolatry enjoy getting the kick of hatred and contempt for devotees of other idolatries.  They pay for that enjoyment by having to prepare for the wars which hatred and contempt render almost inevitable.  Another point.  In the normal course of events most ment and women behave tolerably well.  This means that they must frequently repress their anti-social impulses.  They find a vicarious satisfaction for these impulses through films and stories about gangsters, pirates, swindlers, bad bold barons and the like.

"Submissive to the wife, kind to the children, couteous to the neighbourss, the soul of honest in business, the good citizen feels a thrill of delight when his country "takes a strong line,'"enhances its prestige,""scores a diplomatic victory," "increases its territory"-in other words when it bluffs, bullies, swindles and steals."

Look at the public policy and general climate in the US.  You see the big powerful, prideful, know it all nation stand up with arrogance and show its might.  This bred contempt and hatred.  People today feel the stress of conformity, they fight it consciously and thus this repression must come out in other arenas through established pathways.  Man today needs revenge.  He lacks self esteem because subconsciously he knows that he is a slave.  Because of this imbalance between desire and reality he must act out.  He does this through games.  Sadistic TV shows and movies also serve an important purpose in allowing man to release this repressed energy but to do so so that it is contained and will not harm others around him.  Man is too terrified to stop one moment and sit still and know reality and see it for what it is.  He hates himself because he has conformed and is living a life that does not make him happy.  He is a slave to his family and thus his job, but more so he is a slave to himself.  If he could only face himself and find his center, he could turn it all around.  The fear of failure keeps him from attempting to make the situation right.  He is not big enough to admit that he fucked up.  Thus he cannot ever hope to solve his problem.  His lack of courage relegates him and his family to a life of misery where this misery is hidden from the conscious mind through always staying active, never stopping once to contemplate the state of his life.

It is all easier to repress and whenever he is reminded of his ultimate failure of not trying to make it better he simply blames the people who are willing to take responsibility.  Why do they watch gangsters?  Gangsters are the complete opposite of what they are not.  The gangster puts it all on the line.  The gangster takes foolish risks and ultimately ends up dying an early death or rotting away in jail.  The repressed father/husband slave envies that gangster in one sense and in the other he has contempt for him because he breaks the rules like he desires to but lacks the courage or heart to do so.  We can also sit on our high horse and condemn the gangster as being evil and thus we can puff ourselves up to be good.  Deceiving ourselves once again through unbalanced, selfish thinking.  Also now we see the media using pirates to captivate and subconsciously scare the masses.  The slave must always have a big banker, idiotic politician, gangster, or pirate to blame.  Anyone that takes responsibility for themselves is showing the average citizen that he is a slave.  He must not know he is slave for he may become violent so he is given someone to blame who will accept the blame while continuing to fuck him over because he refuses to be inside of his mind and think.

Johnny citizen is given a cookie at the beginning of a cycle and at the end of the cycle when that cookie is gone, he will not be given another and he will suffer because now he accepts the cookie pole as reality.  He doesn't want to shift back to the non-cookie pole.  He must must understand that in the nature of the cycle there is always going to be oscillations.  He will continually go from being the have to the have not.  If he uses his brain and observes that the cycle simply repeats itself over and over (is objective) then he can learn to only eat half the cookie in the summer (cookie pole) and save the other half for winter (non cookie pole).  So the essence of the problem is that first he must be willing to face reality and obtain experience and go through both the cookie phase and non cookie phase of the cycle as opposed to eating the whole cookie in the summer and then taking out credit to cover the other half of the cycle and just letting it build up higher until war must be waged and he must play the lottery of numbers and take a chance he may survive (subject yourself to others power as opposed to controlling your own destiny).

If everyone were to use their brains and reason then there would be no need for war.  Once the over eating along with over population begins society is doomed to have to go to war to balance the system.  The family/tribe/society must guage their resources and not indulge in sex if they cannot sustain anymore children. This is what the bible refers to as the Tree of Knowledge.  When we violate the Tree of Knowledge through hedonistic indulgence in the reproductive function then nature will become unbalanced and find a means to find balance once again.  We have the choice to be respectful of nature and not over use our power of creation.  When we do so we find momentary sense pleasure but in the long run, in reality we are only killing ourselves or making life that much more uncomfortable.

If the resources provide for it and God wills (as in conception occurs) then they should have children.  But when people become reckless, arrogant (get too comfortable), most often they lose self control and stop thinking, then they are slowly going to bring down society until war and infanticide are staples.  When this process starts the war machine must be built up.  The country suffers because significant portions of the countries revenue or GDP are used to arm the nation to either seize more territory and balance out the supplies lost due to over indulgence or to defend against another nation with that very agenda.  The outcome is a depressed society that is only a shell of it's former pre war self.

Nationalism is created to motivate the citizens into fighting for their great country.  In the reality the war is meant to kill him off to better the life for his family and neighbors.  Man is in general no longer a beast or animal (I mean this in the sense of violence, he is a beast because he cannot gain self control and use his mind, I think the violence is simply an effect of the cause).  Inherently he does not seek to fight I would say, but the environmental conditions dictate that he must fight to survive.  The unbalance of his environment which started with man first now continues to revolve and force him to be at the mercy of society or nature.  Love has been cultivated to a point.  This is why fake enemies must be created so that he can develop this pride and wish to defend his country.  He must have a valid reason (in his mind) to go kill another.  If you tell him he is being attacked and amplify that his family is in danger and that his "freedom" is in jeopardy he will go to fight and die in a war meant to balance the world population out.  But telling him that he is a sacrifice in essence is not enough.  There is no emotion behind the true purpose and it is something that he most likely cannot comprehend.

I just thought of something interesting.  Think about a government who was in the stage of eliminating the weapons of it's society.  There is a fear inherent in that situation.  The citizen feels the strain of not knowing if the goverment is lying to him and that once all guns are removed that the promised peace will infact become slavery.  I would say it requires a morsel of faith to hand over the gun, but in the end is it  possible and rational to try and fight such a power?  To me this mirrors the process of surrendering to God.

There are people higher in the hierarchical structure (like the government) that tell you to achieve balance (peace) you must must completely surrender your whole personality to God.  You must give up youself and become nothing to know Him.  This is the culmination process that is so difficult to let go because of our fear of death or there being nothing left after we give up the self.  The government and God have the best intentions in mind.  To become whole we must first become nothing.  To take a step forward we must first take one step back.  It is not easy to make that change and shift around, but we must look toward the future.  We must observe how the past created the present and now we must see what future out present is creating and put the cycle together with no fractures.  If one gun (base desire/repression) remains then the cycle cannot be whole (peaceful/balanced) because of the fear of being helpless to stop it.  It must be full on black/white movement made to be able to make the next step forward.  So there is no subjectivity in this equation.  You either eliminate all guns (all lower ego characteristics) or war (unbalance) continues.  The road to balanced one-ness with God is through complete removal of all weapons inside that your lower nature holds over you.  If one weapon remains then there is at some point guarenteed to be an incident (symptom) to throw the system off again.

We must observe nature and learn from the ascended masters and go out and live it ourselves to find our way through wilderness to the tabernacle.

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