Monday, December 21, 2009

William Law sums it up

"To return to our chief subject: The Sum of all that has been said is this: All
Evil, be it what it will, all Misery of every kind, is in its Birth, Working and Extent,
nothing else but Nature left to itself, and under the divided Workings of its own Hunger,
Wrath, and Contrariety; and therefore no Possibility for the natural, earthly Man to escape
eternal Hunger, Wrath, and Contrariety, but solely in the Way as the Gospel teacheth, by
denying and dying to Self. On the other hand, all the Goodness and Perfection, all the
Happiness, Glory, and Joy that any intelligent, Divine Creature can be possessed of, is, and
can be, from nothing else, but the invisible uncreated Light and Spirit of God manifesting
itself in the Properties of the creaturely Life, filling, blessing, and uniting them all in one
Love and Joy of Life. And thus again: no Possibility of Man’s attaining to any heavenly
Perfection and Happiness, but only in the Way of the Gospel, by the Union of the Divine
and human Nature, by Man’s being born again from above of the Word and Spirit of God.
There is no Possibility of any other Way, because there is nothing that can possibly change
the first Properties of Life into an heavenly State, but the Presence, and working Power, of
the Deity united with, and working in them. And therefore the "Word was made Flesh,"
and must of all Necessity be made Flesh, if Man is to have a heavenly Nature. Now as all
Evil, Sin, and Misery, have no Beginning, nor Power of Working, but in the Manifestation
of Nature in its divided, contrary Properties; so it is certain that Man has nothing to turn to,
seek or aspire after, but the lost Spirit of Love. And therefore it is, that God only can be his
Redeemer, because God only is Love; and Love can be nowhere else but in God, and
where God dwelleth and worketh".

So he says that evil is simply man left on his own separate from God with his own free will.  And that man will always have unbalanced hunger inside of him so long as he work for himself or is selfish.  To find peace man must die to himself, this is the only way.  All the beauty, harmony and joy in the world can only be of God and nothing else.  Just as I said in the last post that there can be no effect without the cause, I can have no knowledge or light in my life without God where it springs from.  I cannot become prideful and start to think that I accomplished the learning that I have.  There is no I without Him.  Thus all knowledge is attained through God's Spirit and Love.  All praise be to God.

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