Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Esotericism with Vernon Howard

These selections of text come from "Esoteric Mind Power":

If you fight against the established system, you are part of the established system.  If you are part of the system, you are attacked by it.  If attacked by it, you are really attacked by unseen negatives within yourself, so fighting the system is like giving ammunition to the enemy.  Stop fighting the system, which is pointless, and start fighting for yourself, which makes sense

Emerson (out of Esoteric Mind Power): "Society never advances.  It recedes as fast on one side as it gains on the other."  Only individual consciousness can uplift anything.

A wild bird imprisoned in a cage still possesses its capacities for natural happiness, but cannot use them.  Likewise, we possess natural capacities which are blocked by unnatural psychic imprisonment.  As shocking as it may be, admit your actual confinement.  This defeats self complacency and arouses a drive for naturalness.  All human neurosis and unhappiness consists of an unnecessary contradiction of life energy.  It is the pull of inner forces in opposing directions, with the person caught between.

Happiness resides in the mind which does not divide life into opposites of any kind, including today and tomorrow, security and insecurity.

A conscious man is protected at all times, but his protection is utterly unlike anything known by a sleeping man.  It is the protection of having no protection at all.  If you protect anything, perhaps your reputation, it means you are protecting a human label.  So this kind of protection provides nothing!  It just makes you nervous.  But if you have no reputation at all - which is a wonderful way to live - there is no need for protection and there is no nervousness, for you are yourself only.

Love and intelligence and goodness reside in the hypnotized person just as much as in the awakened man, for "the kingdom of heaven is within."  But only the awakened man can enjoy them.

The wise individual uses his exterior affairs - whether labeled a success or a failure - to build interior fortunes.

Unhappiness is caused by comparison.  You feel unhappy only when you unconsciously compare your present state with another state, perhaps when you were younger or healthier, or perhaps when you had a certain companion or possessed certain public honors.  Where there is no comparison, unhappiness is impossible.  Happiness exists where the mind does not move away from itself, when it remains in the present time zone, when it declines to contrast self with another time or another condition.

Hope, so highly prized by many, has neither value nor meaning to the truly happy man.  See how hope creates you and an objective, causing painful self-splitting.  So strangely, hope produces the very feelings of hopelessness one seeks to avoid.  The man without hope is self unified, and so can never feel hopeless!  Self completion has no more need for hope than a healthy plum tree needs to hope for plums.   

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