Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Four Somatic Divisions of Man - Lesson 2

"Words do not have different meanings; words represent different meanings.  (In mathematics, symbols often represent one and only one meaning.  Not so with language.  Words often represent various ranges of meanings, sometimes contradictory.  We need to ascertain the psychological situation in order to get the specific meaning which words represent.)"

"The state of consciousness can be described as a representation of the Power-to-be-conscious, and we have labeled that representation as a configuration of units of energy.  That state or representation is supported by a power, a sentient field differentiated in the undifferentiated Light.  That is one level on which we used the word representation:  Power plus configuration in Light."

"The 'physical' body is a representation of the totality of qualities in our feelings, thinkings, desirings, etc.  Those qualities (gunas) may range between the lovely, esthetic, harmonious feelings of heaven 'down' to hateful, destructive feelings of hell.  When a craftsman builds a home, he selects only the finest material.  What sort of material do we build into our configurations?"

     "Clarity on this essential point is prerequisite to understanding the basis of the future science of therapeutics.  Any disease of any description which attacks the configuration is due to prior and ignorant selection of material.  Our physical and emotional health represents the totality of our selection of finer and finer gunas to build into our physical organism.  Our configuration represents our state of consciousness.
     When a client comes to a healer for a treatment the healer is often in the embarrassing position of seeing clearly the years of prior, and ignorant, selection of material which has resulted in an unhealthy condition.  (The healer may even 'see' the incarnations as well as aeons of poor qualities which have been chosen by the state of consciousness throughout the palingenetic rhythm.)  Now, the client wants help, but the healer cannot wave a magic wand and make twenty years (or twenty lifetimes) disappear.  How long before we learn our role in this simple process and begin making intelligent selections?"

     "Eventually we wake up to the fact that we can select the material built into our representation of these lower levels, and we resolve to refine our choices.  Then we discover one great consolation.  I do not believe we need to put forth as much effort to re-create once we get on to the process.  It is my opinion that we do not need to spend eons and eons rebuilding according to the Natural Order.  Once we begin to function on a 'higher' level, our forces are more powerful.  We can undo the false structure we have built and rebuild more quickly than we might guess."

"That we suffer, or enjoy, is a representation of our creations on the psychic level.  We use the reflected force of consciousness to build our personality, which is capable of suffering and/or enjoying.  But, intrinsically, the representation of our peculiar state of consciousness can be described as a configuration of energy in the Light, and it remains autonomous to the present state of the psyche.  Eventually, when we learn to identify with the Power instead of with the tarnished qualities in the psyche, the basic state will be divested of all that pertains to the psychic level and the Light will shine through."

"To the degree that the person lifts his consciousness above the objective state, the more 'physical' existence declines in importance to him.  It is as if identity with the body just disappears and fades away.  At one stage the physical is all in all, then it disappears and the first level becomes all in all.  It is a reversal of values, a transvaluation of values."
"A further observation:  as a person lifts the force to the Noetic Mind level, where awareness of the Real Self is possible, the Real Self appears illimitable."

"If you accept that you have created the hell you live in, then you become motivated to create a more harmonious future."

"The psychic waters are not dependable, because under ordinary circumstances they cannot maintain the placid state so necessary for true perception."

"We can learn to polarize to the rock.  "Upon this rock I will build my church."  With higher forces we can learn to reflect the true structure-function of the universe."

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