Monday, December 19, 2016

How to Discipline Your Psyche - Lesson 1

        "As you hold an idea in consciousness, others will pick up the wave frequency of that idea.  'Space' presents no interference to the play of these wave-frequencies, even around the world.  Somebody will pick up the frequency and respond to it.  But if others pick up the frequency of the idea and respond to and participate in the configurational process or in awareness in the field, their response will be voluntary and according to the natural order, and not the result of any mental persuasion.
       This respect for the integrity, the free moral agency, of each and every one must observed and we must lean way over backward in our observance of it.  We cannot violate the integrity of the individual, not even for what we may consider another person's welfare.  Perhaps his agonized sufferings, that we in our sympathy want to relieve, may be for his highest 'good', because he may not be able to learn his lessons in any other way.  We must never, never cross that line."

"When we consider the human level, the wave-frequency, or aggregation of wave-frequencies created, engendered, or set in operation by the Power-to-be-conscious at its basic point in Its individualizing process, becomes loaded with qualities of the psychic world.  The loading-on process continues until, in the developing flow, it becomes very difficult to penetrate the fog of desirings, feelings, emotional perturbations, and the mentalizations or cortical functions  The mental vehicle will try to justify, find alibies and excuses and manufacture reasons for  qualities of feelings, desirings, emotings, lovings and thinnkings in the psychic natures.  Eventually the mental becomes so crystalized that we cannot perceive the real motivating influences, and we censor our own perceptions, covering them up with mentalized values and false-to-fact images.  The accumulated qualities remain in the frequency world but are erased from our view by our own system of censorship."

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