Monday, December 19, 2016

How to Discipline Your Psyche - Lesson 6

"Here is the subtle trick, the key to the way out.  Turn your attention and hold it on the force in the heart center or above...don't do it for five minutes and forget it.  Keep steady attention in the quietness of the heart center, clear of mentalization."

"Don't try to stop mental activities by using the mental.  It cannot be done."

"You are motivated by invisible influences all the time, but you believe you are doing it."

"Stop thinking you can do anything, because you can't; you only think you can.  Separate your thinking from what is actual.  "Of myself I can do nothing.""

"So long as one does not give up, he will not be defeated.  But if he gives up, he will go down.  If he once goes down, he has to substitute by gathering the forces of darkness around him.  The Power-to-be-conscious in the man state will withdraw from him and he has to substitute by becoming one with the forces of darkness that war against the Light.  This is the most dreadful thing that can happen to anyone anywhere, because when he passes out of his configuration it will disintegrate and then his psyche will disintegrate.  Then, the next step is oblivion."

"This work that we are striving to teach and to practice has value infinitely beyond that loveliness, that beauty of life.  It has value infinitely beyond the karmic aspect-the way you are preparing for your next life by the way you live in this one.  It is not only the preservation of your individualizing process, the saving of your soul, of your status in evolution, but it is the crowning achievement of the whole evolutionary process itself-oneness with God."

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