Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Four Somatic Divisions of Man - Lesson 3

"All energy is characterized by wave and frequency.  The number of waves per unit of time is what we call frequency.  The longer the wave, the fewer the number of waves.  The shorter the wave, the higher the frequency, and the finer and more subtle the energy."

"We are breaking from our phenomenal way of thinking.  We are training ourselves to think of substance as a fine frequency functioning on innumerable levels."

     "Many pick up thoughts of others and simply broadcast what others feed them.  That probably does not take much energy.  But creative thinking involves a different process.  It involves weighing what we hear, putting it in the scales, reaching for an original synthesis.  That takes energy and quite a bit more of it than is necessary to register emotions. 
     Now, step up beyond feeling and beyond thinking.  Suppose that it also takes energy to know something.  We have left the energy which motivates the psychic nature and all of our feeling and thinking.  We are concerned here with the energy required to know something.  That energy would be more subtle and more powerful than any energy of the psyche."

"It is my opinion that if we can differentiate between the energy with which we feel, and the energy with which we think, we will grow into the awareness of the differentiation between thinking and knowing.  We will build the faculty to recognize the energy with which we know, and that energy will be characterized by a certain refined wave and frequency."

"One who is total identified with his feelings, desire and thoughts can sometimes get so discouraged and deflated that he gets a gun and shoots his brains out.  At that point he has lost his physical existence, his ability to act, but he retains all those thoughts and feelings, only now they are intensified.  All he has lost is the vehicle for taking action."

"There is a definite wave and frequency of energy which motivates all activity in the psyche.  It takes energy to react, to desire, to create storms of emotion.  That energy is characterized by a certain wave and frequency.  We call that level Water, and include all psychic functions on that level."
"Now, shorten the wave length and increase the frequency to reach the level of Air, or Akasa.  Compared to water, air is rarefied and subtle.  Tune in to the energy by which creative thought is motivated.  It is characterized by high frequencies.  Now we have approached Akasa from three angles to reach the same point."

"Sounds is the only attribute we can give the Air world in itself, distinct from all other levels with which it functions.  Akasa, distinct from Water and Earth, is characterized by sound.  By that we mean the resonance, the Logos, the reason for all other levels in the individual.  Akasa is that upon which reason, or Logos, rests.  And Aum, the sound, is the only attribute uniquely associated with it."

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