Monday, December 19, 2016

How to Discipline Your Psyche - Lesson 2

"As children we were hushed up, every natural urge was put out of sight and choked down into the 'unconscious'.  The unfortunate part is that we hide our own urges from ourselves so that we can keep that mentalized good opinion of ourselves long after its usefulness has passed."

"Hidden and buried in our psyches, we will discover qualities brought over from past evolutionary states, qualities that attract like qualities."

"The psychic nature does not break down either, but the pattern of opposition, the semantic blockage must eventually break down.  It is not the structure of the psyche, but the semantic blockage that must be broken."

"We do not advocate dethroning any influence until the individual is ready.  When is a person ready?  Only that person can decide if he is desperate enough, and if he has a new pattern in process ready to replace the old pattern.  No one should rush into this process."
         I think this is such a key statement.  Having a new pattern in process before replacing the old - thus not rushing in.  Any type of change like this is going to take time and it depends on how many substituted outlets we have created throughout our years for not functioning in our basic state.  Do we have to first backtrack to the point where we got off the path, just to get back on the path?

"New affinities, new patterns of identification must be built, and we begin by getting positive and using autosuggestion to purify the psyche."

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