Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Four Somatic Divisions of Man - Lesson 5

"When we speak of structure we are speaking of pattern, Arche (the Greek word for structure).  Those who study Masonry could use the term Grand Architect.  The function of any Light-energy consciousness is determined according to the structure."

     "What one thinks, feels, and acts is motivated by forces organized into structures.  The force with which one forms rapports is the force which is focused in the individualizing field.  The force with which one registers frequencies is the same force which is structured into focalized centeres.  Fundamentally speaking, the structure of an individual may be understood in terms of foci of forces, functional forces.
     When we feel-know our way into this description we will come to the conclusion that no thought originates in the cranium.  Our brain is similar to a receiving set.  It picks up and registers frequencies which we unconsciously shape into the phenomenal world--i.e. music, sounds, etc.  According to the state, or structure, the individualized field functions through the foci of forces.

Regarding Reincarnation:
     "It is difficult for one to accept that the ensemble is destroyed with each cycle.  Nothing is left except the results and consequences in terms of frequencies.  It is analogous to a plant which infolds into the germ of a seed.  The stem, leaves, blossoms, etc., all die, but the life germ continues.  One cannot cut into the life germ and see stem, root, blossom, etc.  But, in the process of growth all will be revealed again.  The whole plant does not need to reincarnate, just the life germ.
     Similarly, that with which the average individual is identified in consciousness never reincarnates.  It disappears forever into the substance from which it is drawn.  As soon as the Power-to-be-conscious is through with it, it is discarded.  Then the Power is free to re-assemble and re-integrate new substance in order to learn new lessons."

"To one who is identified with the Power-to-be-conscious on Mind Level, the phenomenal world is illusory, mayaistic.  To one on that level the phenomenal world is simply a representation of the inability of the sense faculties to register Reality."

"Where do our reactions come from?  We direct force, reflected force, towards an image appearing substantive.  We give value:  and then that force rebounds against us.  Everyone gets the reaction exactly commensurate with the meaning we build into our phenomenal worlds."

"Now run your attention over all the reactions to all the things and objects of the past.  The accumulation, moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day creates the psychic nature.  The psychic nature is developed out of the accumulation of reactions, feelings, thoughts, desires, sensations, etc.  The psyche is continually supplied by our semantic reactions to life;  the psyche is fed by our urge to give meaning to our experience.  When the physical body disintegrates, the most important 'thing' is gone from the picture.  The source of the deepest reaction is gone when the body dies, so the psyche also begins to disintegrate.  The psyche needs a constant stream of meanings given to images in order to renew itself.  When that stream of reactions ceases, so does the psyche.  As the physical body disappears, the world of sensations disappears, then the entire phenomenal world falls apart.  All of these factors must be remembered when studying the psychic nature."

"Our goal is to think clearly, evaluate more precisely, and predict with more reliability.  Predictability is entirely dependent upon proper evaluation."

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