Monday, December 19, 2016

How to Discipline Your Psyche - Lesson 4

"But man has used his generative force and cultivated it for his own sensuous gratification until he has introduced into the pure creative stream all sorts of lower-vibrating qualities, gunas, and entities.  Consequently, it has become an obsessional thing because of the entities cultivated and identified with the generative force."

     "Many students who study Freud, Jung and others, get the idea that they are repressed and thwarted.  So they jump overboard in excesses of so-called expression and wind up more confused than when they started.  This problem of repression and of substituted and compensatory outlets, due to the damming up of force, can never be solved by physical congress, physical sexual relations or so-called physical expression.  I emphasize the word "never."  Nine times out of ten the repression becomes worse through reversion to an unnatural form of relationship.
     I am going to state this with a great deal of emphasis:  there is no release from repression except as the psychic forces which are involved are released and these same psychic forces are brough up from a relatively 'lower' to a relatively 'higher' level.  There are two methods for complete release, and neither involves damming up or compensatory form of expression.  The first method is more difficult.  It involves directing the force of will to drive out negative psychic forces.  These negative forces are very strong and will not leave without a struggle . Great power is need to drive them out.  If we choose the second method, we can direct the force of love into every aspect of the psyche until the negative forces leave.  Negative forces cannot stand the frequency of love.  If we can focus on the impersonal force of love, directing to each atom of our configuration, there are no negative forces that will stay in that atmosphere of love.  But it must be maintained consistently and firmly with no respite."

"Marriage should not be contracted between two persons, one of whom has no vibratory sensibilities and the other who is psychically awakened."

"What determines whether one is negative or positive?  The basic state of development in the individualizing process on the Mind level." (In the context of two people being friends or two people meeting each other, a circuit being created)

"One with his solar center open can take on the condition of anyone else and be molded by it, because he is not as yet in control.  If the solar center is not governed by a higher power, a higher influence, one will be whipped and molded by the forces he registers."

"But there is the negative side, wherein one can use the motivating forces of the pure side as a justification for the lowest 'objects' of desire.  Some at that level are even seeking teachers and teaching that lead to "God consciousness"  in order to make God a bellhop and demonstrate what they want when they want it.  They try to use the highest and the purest forces to gather up objects of desire and some develop a very subtle line to further their desires."

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