Monday, December 19, 2016

How to Discipline Your Psyche - Lesson 5

"There is no knowledge involved in accumulated information.  To know an 'event' is to enter sympathetic rapport and feel like it feels, be conscious as it is conscious.  So even though we have no information about an event, we can know it.  We can have knowledge, even though we may not be able to describe one thing about it.  Real knowing, knowing without thinking, leads to knowledge.  Make no mistake, there is a faculty whereby we know and don't think.  In fact, any thinking would distort our ability to know.  There is an awareness, an immediacy of knowledge, knowing without thinking, that is born out of love."

"Look in your heart center for that sunburst of a force that has only one compulsion, to give.  It doesn't want a thing and we can't give it anything.  It just wants to give.  When that force is so strong that we want to give with no thought that we are going to get anything, God has arrived in our hearts, and according to the way I see it, love, or agape, is born."

"This is an important point, because when we are disturbed by the registry of someone else we must not blame that other person.  We must get that affinity out of our own psyches and then we won't register anything of that nature, of that quality.  This teaching cuts out all of the alibiing!"

"Remember this:  the intrinsic Self, the Power-to-be-conscious cannot function on any level unless we have a vehicle configurated of substances of that level."

"How do we improve ourselves?  First, by raising our forces above the lower levels and keeping our forces up until the affinities that have been cultivated on a lower level have atrophied and dropped away."

"We just elect what we want to be, elect what we want to do, elect the level upon which we would love to function all the time until we pull our forces to that level in our psyches and the other conditions will drop away from us and will be no more."

"Remember that no amount of sexual expression on the physical level liberates the repression, but instead, makes a bad matter worse.  This is said on the grounds that anyone who gives in to sensuality will attract to himself and around him evil forces, the imps and demons of Tophet.  Any unrestrained libertinism is the highroad to hell, by reason of the fact that one thereby opens himself to the influences of evil."

"When that release comes, the result of bring the force up to the heart center in the psyche, it becomes the universal solvent.  The substituted, compensatory forms of expression drop away because the force by which they were motivated has been taken out of them.  It has been brough to the heart center and expressed in love-agape."

"I challenge the keenest psychiatrist to search the world or review his case histories and find one person with the heart center open and the love-force pouring out who has any form of substituted expression."

"By opening the heart center and releasing the power of love, we begin to live in the north half.  What happens to the south half as we live in the north half?  We are ever free from eros.  Why don't we then go right on to functioning in the Christos power?  Because we have to build a vehicle to function in that world, and we have to build that vehicle before we reach the Christ-conscious state."

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